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Sins of the Mind (Red River Series, #1)Sins of the Mind by L. J. Garland

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Assigned to a vicious homicide case, Ethan Parker can’t believe what he’s seeing. A man has been brutally murdered for reasons no one can understand. The fact that the victim has been tortured and castrated leave him and the rest of the force wondering if it could be a case of love gone wrong. Yet Ethan knows there’s more to the story and is determined in discovering the identity of the perpetrator and the reason behind the gory murder.

His partner, a rookie cop by the name of Grant Montgomery is still wet behind the ears. He doesn’t seem to take the case too seriously, but that’s because he’s not exactly sure as to what he should be doing. Ethan knows he has train the guy to his full potential, but the new case leaves him wondering as to what to do next. Read on »