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Murder on Spyglass Lane (The Sarah McDougall Series #1)Murder on Spyglass Lane by J.M. Griffin

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From an early age, Sarah McDougall has been clairvoyant; though she won’t admit to that fact. Her visions frighten her and she detests the moments when they creep upon her so unexpectedly. Those very visions are the reason behind her having moved from Massachusetts to Florida as she couldn’t prevent the death of a very good friend of hers. Nor could she stop people from implicating her in the murder. While the visions have proved handy in the past, they’re the one thing she wishes she could do without.

While on a nightly stroll with her dog, Sparky, Sarah is stung with the rise of a new vision. It doesn’t help that her dog knows something is amiss. The vision soon proves to be true when the body of a woman is discovered in a sand trap near the golf course behind her home. From that moment on, she knows she’ll never be able to outrun her uncanny gifts. Read on »