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A Complicated Life in a Small TownA Complicated Life in a Small Town by Tammy Maas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When Lydia Lawson left home at the mere age of eighteen, she never imagined coming back some day. Her alcoholic parents ruined what little childhood she had, scarring her for the rest of her life. Her memories are so full of pain that she refuses to remember the smallest details of things that brought her pleasure. In her mind, she’s better off not remembering anything at all. Things hurt less that way.

When her mother dies unexpectedly, she’s forced to reconsider her return to the one place she never wanted to be in the first place. Against her better judgment, she goes back. Never once did she imagine the horrors that awaited her behind its closed doors. Read on »


CIC BCPlease Note: The following are individual reviews for each of the stories found within this short story collection.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars.



The Chainsaw Chicks Of Chinese Camp


Eager to satisfy their hungry desires, Melissa, Shandra, Elena, and Ursula lure unsuspecting men toward their hidden camp on Maiden Lane. Beautifully, voluptuous Amazon’s, it takes quite a bit for their ‘guest’s’ to satiate their every whim. Yet most are quite willing to give the girl’s a go and help them find the release they so greatly seek. Read on »


Cat Burglar in TrainingCat Burglar in Training by Shelley Munro

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Living in France for the past six years, Eve Fawkner has finally decided to move back home. The decision to do so wasn’t an easy one, as she’s not returning home alone. Her daughter, the product of a date rape and the very reason she left in the first place, is returning home with her. While the transition is to be a difficult for the both of them, she’s willing to finally settle down somehow and bestow her daughter with a sense of normalcy.

Yet she never imagined coming home to chaos and ultimate deceits. Her father, the renowned ‘The Shadow’, has come across some hard times. He can no longer continue his legacy and demands that Eve follow in his footsteps. Eve has a hard time accepting his request, yet finds herself coming around after the family begins to receive threatening phone calls. With no other choice, she sets off to settle all of his debts. Read on »


Moonlight in a Pickup TruckMoonlight in a Pickup Truck by Serena Zane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anticipation bites deep within her as she thought about the one she’s always loved. The Yule feast is her only opportunity to make her best friend notice her, once and for all. Yet she wonders if she’ll actually succeed.

Taking the time to prepare herself for what’s to come, she can’t help but ponder whether she’s making the right decision. Yet the heart always wants what it cannot have and she’s determined to draw his gaze to hers one last time. Deep inside, she wants more from her best friend and is not content with their remaining as just friends. Read on »


Forged in Fire (The Forged Series)Forged in Fire by Trish McCallan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

While waiting for the flight that would take him and his friends to Hawaii for a wedding, Zane Winters experiences a vision that rocks his entire world. A vision he hopes to keep from coming true. While his psychic abilities have never failed him, he also knows that things can sometimes go awry depending on the outcome of certain events.

When a leggy blonde crosses his path, Zane’s instincts are thrown into limbo. Every part of him clamors to make her his, something he’s never experienced until now. Yet this fact doesn’t exactly deter him from what he needs to do. Realizing that she’s a key witness to the events that have been set into motion, even if he can’t quite understand how that came about, his protective instincts make him all the more determined to keep her by his side. Read on »