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Blood and WhiskeyBlood and Whiskey by Clark Hays

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Lonepine, Wyoming is a far cry from the life Lizzie Vaughan had previously known. Yet she’s willing to give things a shot for the sake of her unborn born child and her beloved boyfriend, Tucker. Still reeling from the events that occurred during the Undead Apocalypse, Lizzie’s trying her best to fit in, to make the most of her time with Tucker. Yet that’s easier said than done.

Her new life as the Queen of the vampires leaves her yearning for blood at every turn. Tucker has discovered a new blood source that briefly quenches her thirst, but she refuses to ingest it unless its really necessary. With the rapid changes the baby has brought to her body, it’s not as if she can keep the blood down long enough for her to benefit from its effect anyway. Nevertheless, she does her best to care of herself and the child she carries in order to make Tucker happy. Read on »