Murder On Spyglass Lane – J. M. Griffin

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Murder on Spyglass Lane (The Sarah McDougall Series #1)Murder on Spyglass Lane by J.M. Griffin

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From an early age, Sarah McDougall has been clairvoyant; though she won’t admit to that fact. Her visions frighten her and she detests the moments when they creep upon her so unexpectedly. Those very visions are the reason behind her having moved from Massachusetts to Florida as she couldn’t prevent the death of a very good friend of hers. Nor could she stop people from implicating her in the murder. While the visions have proved handy in the past, they’re the one thing she wishes she could do without.

While on a nightly stroll with her dog, Sparky, Sarah is stung with the rise of a new vision. It doesn’t help that her dog knows something is amiss. The vision soon proves to be true when the body of a woman is discovered in a sand trap near the golf course behind her home. From that moment on, she knows she’ll never be able to outrun her uncanny gifts.

Running to the first person she could think of in hopes of helping her make sense of the situation, Sarah enlists the help of her neighbor, Raven DeVille. Everything about him reminds her of a swashbuckling pirate and adds intrigue to her random fantasies of him. Casting her thoughts and feelings aside, she and Raven soon band together in discovering the circumstances surrounding the woman’s death.

Her amateur snooping takes a sordid turn when Raven turns up everywhere she goes. Part of her wants to believe he has nothing to do with the events at hand, but his recent activities are questionable at best. Despite the fact that he’s not that forthcoming with details surrounding the case at hand, she’s willing to place her trust within his hands.

The visions escalate the closer she gets to the truth, a certainty she wishes she can deny. Raven knows she knows more than she’s letting on, but is willing to give her the benefit of a doubt. Sarah, on the other hand, isn’t sure where things will take her. She knows she wants to know exactly what’s happened, yet her better sense does it’s best prevail. While she doesn’t want a repeat of what happened in Massachusetts, her curiosity won’t let things go. Deep inside, she knows she’ll do her best to set things straight, even if it may get her killed in the process.

Full of murder and mayhem, Murder on Spyglass Lane is a story that will keep the reader on the edge of their seats with every turn of the page. I think J. M. did a wonderful job in setting the stage for this story and it honestly captures the reader’s imagination as they try to decipher what happens next. The writing style flows nicely and hooks the reader in with every twist and turn. It’s a great read and truly recommended!



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Artist Sarah McDougall flees from New England to Florida’s west coast thinking she can escape her unwanted psychic abilities. When she finds a dead body buried under the sand trap on the thirteenth hole of the golf course behind her home, Sarah realizes she was mistaken. She is stuck with an ability that will nearly be her undoing.

Unable to shake the sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, Sarah turns to her neighbor Raven DeVille, a swashbuckling pirate-like handsome man, for help, only to find he has secrets of his own. The duo investigates the murder with surprising twists that place Sarah in harms way more often than she ever thought possible.



JMG PictureAbout The Author:

JM Griffin grew up in the Maine countryside. Inspired by the Nancy Drew mysteries, JM wrote her first story at age twelve.

With 5 books written and more in the works, JM’s first book in the Vinnie Esposito series published in February of 2009. The first and second Vinnie Esposito novels have been re-released through Lachesis Publishing. The third novel in the series, Dead Wrong, was released in ebook format in October 2010, and in paperback in April 2011. Stay tuned for more of the Vinnie Esposito series.

In addition to the Esposito series, JM has written a mystery featuring faeries, pixies, murder, tea and cupcakes. Lyrical Press, Inc. presented the ebook on August 16th of 2010. The paper edition was released in June 2011 and is available at

Murder on Spy Glass Lane, a novel filled with the antics of Sarah McDougall, a psychic artist, her Bassett hound Sparky, and their swashbuckling pirate-like neighbor was published as an ebook in January 2012. The paper version of this book will be available January 1, 2012 on Amazon.

JM and her husband John reside with two crazy cats who rule the roost in New England. Their home is surrounded by a forest, a nearby reservoir and natures creatures.



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