Currently In Review

List Of Books That Are Currently In Review


Book CollagePlease Note: For those of you whose books we’re reviewing, please remember that the books sent to us for any book tours that we’re hosting, can, will, and may take precedence over the books submitted to us via Simplistik Halloz Books.

But rest assured that once they’re squared away, we’ll be returning to the books that have been submitted for review and will promptly post up and link those reviews.

Bolded titles are those that are currently being read/reviewed. ** means that the book has been read and a review has been written, but has not yet been posted. >>> means that tour is scheduled, but no book has been received in which to review. /*/ means the book has been read and the review has been posted, but there is still an on-going blog book tour.

Once the submitted books are squared away in the order that they have been received, we’ll then move on to reviewing any books that have been shared/requested for us to review.

Thank you so much for understanding!


Blog Tour Books In Review

(Blog Tour Schedule has been posted in advance to give you all an idea of what’s to come.)

(The Blog Tour Book Reviews will also be featured via the Lissette E. Manning blog on the corresponding dates. Feel free to swing by there on the specified dates. Guest Blogs and/or Interviews by the book authors are to be/may also be featured, as well.)



Submitted Books In Review

  1. The Dark Age (Survivors of the Pulse) – Jeff Horton
  2. The Last Prophet – Jeff Horton
  3. Shark & The Wolf: Predators and Prey –┬áDaniel D. Shields
  4. The Unwilling Bride – Candy-Ann Little
  5. Amador Lockdown – Coral Russell
  6. The Stepbrothers – Lisa Day
  7. Jabberwocky – Daniel Coleman
  8. Hatter – Daniel Coleman
  9. Cross – T. S. Worley
  10. Fall From Grace – Matthew Munson
  11. Blossoms of the Lower Branches: A Hero’s Journey Through Grief – Rebecca Guevara
  12. Exchange – Rachel Rossano
  13. The Crown Of Anavrea – Rachel Rossano
  14. The Mercenary’s Marriage – Rchael Rossano
  15. Word And Deed – Rachel Rossano
  16. My Beginning – Melissa Kline
  17. The Man Clothed in Linen: The Messiah or Herod’s Son? – Robert Earle
  18. Eyes Of The Keep – Scott Muller
  19. Revive – Thomas James Brown
  20. A Kindred Spirit’s Sanctuary – Dayna Ross
  21. The Fallen One – Lenore Wolfe
  22. Xenofreak Nation – Melissa Conway
  23. Keepers of Water – R. G. Porter
  24. The Keystone Kid – Mike Furches
  25. A Piece of My Heart – Kemberlee Shortland
  26. Constant Craving – Kemberlee Shortland
  27. Rhythm of My Heart – Kemberlee Shortland
  28. Closet – Eric Swanson
  29. The Darkened Corner – Tom Hamilton


Books That I’ve Requested To Review

  1. Weight of the World – N.K. Smith
  2. Precipice – Melissa Luznicky Garrett
  3. The Exiled Son – Matt White
  4. Sapphire – Jeffe Kennedy
  5. Seeker – Su Halfwerk
  6. Ghostly – Samantha Combs
  7. Cancelled – Elizabeth Ann West
  8. Dark Edge – Dmytry Karpov
  9. The Flame – I. D. Martin
  10. Spirit Seeker – Jamie Haden


Books Shared With Me That Are In Queue For Review

  1. Where The River Splits – Jeffrey Penn May
  2. The Legrange Legacy – Bruce I. Schindler
  3. The Burning Sky – Joseph Robert Lewis
  4. The Clockwork Companion – K. H. Koehler
  5. The Temple – Heather Marie Adkins
  6. Abigail – Heather Marie Adkins


Books To Be Read

  1. In Leah’s Wake – Terri Giuliano Long
  2. Sand – Lili Tufel
  3. Soul Search – Amber Scott


Books Won Via Library Thing To Be Reviewed

  1. Where Darkness Dwells – Glen Krisch
  2. Lucifer’s Odyssey – Rex Jameson
  3. In The Heart Of Grace – Diance Greco
  4. Fire – William Esmont
  5. Scriber – Ben S. Dobson