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CIC BCPlease Note: The following are individual reviews for each of the stories found within this short story collection.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars.



The Chainsaw Chicks Of Chinese Camp


Eager to satisfy their hungry desires, Melissa, Shandra, Elena, and Ursula lure unsuspecting men toward their hidden camp on Maiden Lane. Beautifully, voluptuous Amazon’s, it takes quite a bit for their ‘guest’s’ to satiate their every whim. Yet most are quite willing to give the girl’s a go and help them find the release they so greatly seek. Read on »


The Unscheduled StopsThe Unscheduled Stops by Sinead MacDughlas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Daisy’s Love At War

Daisy Patterson has never forgotten the man she’s love so long ago. A man whose memory continues to reside within the confines of her mind and her heart. While most consider her to be just a senile old woman, one of her caretaker’s knows that’s not true.

When moments of lucidity arrive for Daisy, those caring for her are given glimpses into the world she once knew. Intent on giving Daisy something special for her birthday, one of her caretaker’s decides to present her with a bound copy of a book that she wrote while her husband was away at war. Little do they know, the story may not be a story at all, but rather an account of Daisy’s past. Read on »