Blood And Whiskey – Clark Hays & Kathleen McFall

Friday, July 20, 2012

Blood and WhiskeyBlood and Whiskey by Clark Hays

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Lonepine, Wyoming is a far cry from the life Lizzie Vaughan had previously known. Yet she’s willing to give things a shot for the sake of her unborn born child and her beloved boyfriend, Tucker. Still reeling from the events that occurred during the Undead Apocalypse, Lizzie’s trying her best to fit in, to make the most of her time with Tucker. Yet that’s easier said than done.

Her new life as the Queen of the vampires leaves her yearning for blood at every turn. Tucker has discovered a new blood source that briefly quenches her thirst, but she refuses to ingest it unless its really necessary. With the rapid changes the baby has brought to her body, it’s not as if she can keep the blood down long enough for her to benefit from its effect anyway. Nevertheless, she does her best to care of herself and the child she carries in order to make Tucker happy.

With the lovely Elita now standing by her side, Lizzie must learn the ways of the Vampire, traditions her father had a hand in corrupting before his untimely death. The knowledge bestowed upon her overwhelms her, at times, but she’s willing to give things a go in order to shape the world she now lives in for the better. This, unfortunately, does not sit well with most of the Vampiric community and that of the rebellious, Reptiles. Lizzie is a thorn that must be cut down and her enemies will do anything to achieve it.

Lizzie wonders if she’ll be able to fulfill the prophecy surrounding her own existence, detesting the fact that she was created specifically to serve a higher purpose. Her adversaries are doing their best to cut her and her family down, much to her chagrin. Her will and her powers are sorely tested, doubts and insecurities following her every wake.

Yet there’s always a silver lining to every dark cloud; her beloved, Tucker, is the one thing keeping her rooted enough in order to achieve what she’s set her mind on doing. She’s willing to forsake everything she knows in order to ensure that he and their baby survive. Soon, she realizes that there’s a lesson to be learned from their entire ordeal; love makes everything possible, but only if you’re willing to fight for what you believe in.

This was such an awesome story. I enjoyed every minute of reading it. Vampires and cowboy’s – it doesn’t get any better than that! Loved it! Granted, I started reading the second book first, but in all honesty, Blood And Whiskey can stand all on its own. It’s THAT good. Will definitely catch up on the first books soon, though, as I’d like to know more about Lizzie’s story and the Undead apocalypse. A great read and definitely a worthy recommend!



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Wanted: Lizzie Vaughan, Dead or Alive

Relationships are always hard, but for a broke cowboy and a newly turned Vampire, true love may be lethal.

After barely surviving an undead apocalypse in The Cowboy and the Vampire, Tucker and Lizzie hightail it back to quirky LonePine, Wyoming (population 438), to start a family. But she’s got a growing thirst for blood and he’s realizing that mortality ain’t all it’s cracked up to be when your girlfriend may live forever. With a scheming Vampire nation hot on their boot heels and a price on her head, how far will Lizzie and Tucker go to protect their unlikely love?

Blending evolution, religion and an overly sensitive cow dog named Rex, Blood and Whiskey drags the Vampire myth into the modern west, delivering double-barreled action, heart-pounding passion and wicked humor.



authorsAbout The Author:

Clark Hays grew up in Montana in the shadow of the Tobacco Root Mountains. In addition to his fiction work, he is a cowboy, a published poet and occasional food critic. Recently, he was nominated for Pushcart Prize for short fiction and not so recently for a Rhysling award for poetry. Clark brings a deep knowledge about the modern west, weaponry, country music and existentialism to his writing.

Kathleen McFall grew up in the heart of Washington, D.C. She worked as a petroleum geologist and, later, as a journalist, and has published hundreds of articles about scientific research, energy and natural resources. An interest in the overlap of science and mysticism are an essential aspect of her fiction writing. She received an Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship for fiction writing.



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  1. Thanks so much for the great review. We’re very pleased that you liked it, and that you got such a strong central theme: love makes everything possible, but only if you are willing to fight for it!

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