Where Am I


© 2018 Lissette E. Manning

All Rights Reserved.


Tagline: What if your life was never your own?

Genre: Science Fiction


Waking up from storage, you realize you’ve forgotten what life is like. You’ve no knowledge of who you once were, nor can you recall the constant drip of your memories.

Your once-cold skin is bare, rid of its pajamas. A blended cocktail, the juice the doctors put together to wake you, runs through your veins.

You shake your head to clear it. An insistent buzz echoes in your ear. Roaring with indignation, you turn onto your side and roll off the metal table.

With a loud thud, you land on your back. You groan and try to sit up. Your vision blurs, the effects caused by the juice you’ve ingested.

Another roar erupts from your lips. This one is barely audible due to your weakened condition.

“Careful, Mr. Archer. You’ll damage the body you’re in.”

Masking your confusion, you raise your head and search for the source of the voice.

“Where am I? What have you done to me?”

The intruder chuckles. “In due time.”

You tilt your head in the direction of the lower left corner of the room.

A barely noticeable shadow flickers. In seconds, a man springs forward. A gray and white mask covers every inch of his face.

“Who are you?”

He shrugs and waves a hand in the air in dismissal. “That depends on you.”


The man nods. “Yes. Aren’t you curious about you how got here?”

Your eyes narrow with suspicion. “Maybe.”

“Good. Remember that answer once your demons catch up with you,” he says, and plucks off the mask.

To your surprise, the man is not a man. A woman stands before you. She smirks with satisfaction.

She lets go of the mask. It clatters to the floor. In the blink of an eye, her clothes shift from masculine to feminine.

The woman approaches you and drops to her knees. Her eyes bear deep into yours. She curls a hand around your left cheek and grins.

In seconds, the darkness claims you.


Background Image Credit: Canva