© 2018 Lissette E. Manning

All Rights Reserved.


“Mommy, what’s that?” Grace asks, pointing to a speck in the distance.

Her mother glances in the pointed direction. “I’m not sure.”

A old ship bobs across the ocean’s waves.

Grace clutches her teddy-bear. “Can we see it?”

“It’s too far, honey.”

Her lips tremble. “But I wanna see it.”

“It’s not possible right now.”

Displeased, Grace tosses her teddy-bear aside. Her brow crinkles.

“Can’t we take the boat? We could get closer.”

Her mother sighs and shakes her head. She sits down on the sand and digs through the cooler. Pulling out a bottle of milk, she holds it aloft.

“Want some milk, honey?”

“No, I’m not hungry, Mommy.”

Grace inches toward the water’s edge, her eyes glued to the bobbing ship. She ignores her mother’s voice as she urges her to drink some of the milk.

The water’s current pulls the ship closer to the coast. A slight roar echoes in the distance.

“Mommy, do you hear that?”

“Yes, I can hear it.”

The roar of the waves grows stronger. They catapult the boat ever closer.

From her vantage point, Grace catches sight of a masked man standing on the ship’s desk. She gasps and takes a step back.

The man focuses on her and grins.


Her mother appears and tugs her into her arms. “Let’s go.”

“What about our things?” Grace asks.

Her mother ignores the question and clutches her tight, running toward the nearest dune.

The water has pushed the ship far too close to the coast. The man roars and dives into the water. His visage changes. No longer a man, a demon now swims toward the shore.

Grace bites down on her lower lip.

The demon steps out of the water, advancing in their direction. A knowing grin spreads across its face.

Her mother stumbles, and they tumble to the sand.

On them in seconds, the demon’s claws slices through their flesh. Their howls of pain brings a smile to its face.