I’m in a poetic mood today. No, really, I am. Mind you, I don’t think what’s going through my mind right now makes that much sense.

Words keep flowing through my head. Some rhyme. Some don’t. Some I can’t quite grasp.


Some days
There are ups.
And some days
There are downs.
Happiness can be right around the corner.
Ready to be embraced.
While there are moments,
Where I feel nothing but down.

These ups and downs
Consume my everyday.
Full of random thoughts
I can’t explain.
My mind fights to regain
What I’ve sometimes lost.
While my heart tends
To pull me in a different direction.

Frustration is sometimes at an all-time high.
I yearn to let go of all this uncertainty.
Life goes up.
Then, it goes down.
If only I could erase these incessant scratches,
And hold close everything that means the most to me.
Maybe then I wouldn’t feel so conflicted.

© June 2016 Lissette E. Manning