TheEndlessHorizonThere are many paths in life we can take. Paths that take us to unexpected places. Some lead to happiness, and some lead to dark places.

When I first started this journey, I never expected to meet so many wonderful people. I never gave thought to the fact that I’d be able to touch people’s hearts and minds with the books I’ve written. I never thought I’d make it to where I am now. These past five years have been full of ups and down, joy and pain, yet I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

I confess that this journey hasn’t been easy. Nothing ever is. When there’s something we want to do, something we dream of wholeheartedly, we have the option of going after it full throttle, or stepping aside and letting the dream pass us by.

I chose to follow my dream of being a published author. Mind you, I always thought I’d take the traditional route. That I’d be published by Penguin, Simon & Schuster, or one of the other Big 5’s. (It used to be Big 6, for those who still remember that.)

When I became an Indie, it started off as an experiment. I told myself that I wanted to see what self-publishing was like. That I could always change my plan along the way. I still can and will, if the need arises. I gave myself a month to see how things were like in this world I now live in. Never once did I imagine how things would snowball from there.

Back then, I was an unknown. In some instances, I still am. But you know what? While not many know me personally, there are those that can say they know of me. People like you, my dearest readers and fans, make this journey worthwhile. You make me want to keep honing my craft to create extraordinary worlds. Worlds you can lose yourselves in whenever you want to.

Though things aren’t the same as they first started, I’m still here. Still chipping away at the concrete that surrounds me, hoping to make an even bigger dent in the literary world. Granted, things are much slower now than they were then, but I refuse to give up. Writing is my life, my passion, and I can never give this up no matter how hard things may seem.

So even though things are difficult and not quite what they used to be, even though some days things take a turn for the worse, I’m here to say. I’ll continue to pursue my dreams. To bring my readers and fans more of the stories that live inside my mind, for you are the ones that give me hope. You are the ones that push me on each and every day. For that, my dearest lovelies, I thank you from the deepest reaches of my heart.

Most of all, I thank the Lord for giving me the strength to keep on going each and every day. I don’t know where I’d be if He hadn’t come into my life at the moment I found myself floundering in the dark abyss. Thank you, Lord, for You strengthen my faith, give me the fortitude I need, and lift me up when things are hard.

I hope you’ll continue to stick around, lovelies. There are more things to come, I assure you. Thanks for being here!