(This is going to be a little long, for which I apologize.)

Not too long ago, I asked the writing community via Twitter if anyone knew what the standard word length was for a LitRPG novel. I haven’t heard a peep from anyone on there yet. I kid you not.

I’d have thought, by now, that someone would have answered my question. But nope, it doesn’t look like it’ll ever happen. This, in itself, is disheartening.

I’ve been looking for the needed information, but most places online don’t list this information. What I have found, however, are standard novel word/page lengths for sci-fi/fantasy novels and various other genres.

So . . . now I’m curious. Does LitRPG fall into the above category? Is that why there isn’t that much information about the genre and its standard word/page lengths out there?

This one website forum I visited recently had someone state that the average chapter should be—at least—2.3k words minimum. With the way I write a story, based on how the characters talk to me, my chapters can range from either 200 words to over 5k for a chapter. It all depends on the inspiration given to me by my Muse/characters.

I kept exploring the site, hoping to glean more information on what I wanted to know. Someone stated that the lowest word count for this type of book lies around 145-147k words. This translates into almost 327 pages for the book itself. The maximum word count would be over 350k words—for one book—which translates to over 778 pages.

Mind you, this was coming from word of mouth on a forum. It’s not something officially stated anywhere online. Not like what we may see listed for romance, science fiction, fantasy, etc. on quite a few websites found online.

My mind automatically went “WHAT?” upon reading the above. The book I’ve been working on these days, that falls into this genre, is currently sitting at 92k words. I’m not done with it yet, though. I estimate that by the time I’m done writing, I’ll have between 100-110k words written. Keep in mind that the book is the first in the series.

To me, reaching the above threshold is huge. Prior to this book, the longest book I’d ever written landed me a total of 79,491 words. This is the exact word count listed from the original first draft. It doesn’t include the changes/edits made to the story once I finished polishing it. That book’s genre, though, is erotic romance. So, ranging from 70–80k words is often the normal word count length.

Back then, reaching almost 80k words for a romance novel was a huge step for me. I’d never imagined getting the book to where I did—and still am—because the book has since been rewritten. It’s current word count is over 80k.

I guess there isn’t much information on this genre because it’s still new and fresh. People are still discovering it. It’s a video game in book form. Sort of. The genre allows for all sorts of ways to incorporate game worlds into real world aspects, thus giving writers options to build game worlds without limits. Worlds where anything is possible. All it takes to make them real is the writer’s imagination and the characters that exist inside it.

Truth be told, I honestly wish I knew what the normal word/page count thresholds for LitRPG books are. The minimum, the maximum, and the in-between. It would give not only me, but others who are/wish to write books in this genre, something to start with.

On the bright side, I’ve something to start with. Though, I don’t think I’ll ever write a book that’s 350k words in length in one shot. So far, I think my max limit for each book written in this genre will stand between 100-125k words. Give or take.

It all depends on my Muse and the material my characters give me every step of the way. After all, the characters are the ones who guide a writer’s hand. They’re the ones who show us the worlds they live in. The ones who voice their concerns, allowing us to create and envision all of the unique worlds we write. Without their guidance, I don’t think we’d be able to make complex worlds come alive—be it writing romances, thrillers, horrors, fantasy worlds, science fiction stories, young adult novels, or LitRPG books, as well as all the various genres that exist in the world today.

When it comes to writing, to creating the worlds we do, the best thing we can have on hand is the knowledge and understanding to build each world in ways that make it believable. To create worlds and characters that will touch readers’ minds and hearts, leaving lasting impressions that will bring them back to you for more.

If someone out there has an answer to my question, please do tell me. I want to learn. To broaden my knowledge of what I write, what I can write, and what I may write some day. As the saying goes, ‘Sharing is caring.’