cup noodles umbrella Ahhh . . .  the joys of being up late. I woke up about two hours ago and can’t seem to get back to sleep. The rain isn’t helping much, either. But alas, I’ve been here writing, off and on, and creating a couple images in the process.

Not sure what woke me, but I do remember the eerie images of a war and children hiding rolling around in my head. I think it was some sort of nightmare, but I wasn’t scared. I can actually recall the dream, too. Which is unusual because most times I forget what I’ve been dreaming.

The premise of the dream was something along the lines of some children were being gathered together for some experiments. I was trying to keep them safe so I took them to my home. We’d been hiding there for ages, surviving on any food that we could find. But someone sold us out and we ended up having to flee our sanctuary. Makes for a good story of some sort, doesn’t it? I think I’ll actually have to work on that sometime.

I confess that I should be sleeping. I go to work in exactly an hour and forty-five minutes and I don’t fancy driving in this weather. Especially at night. Well, early morning, anyway. Yet the sound of rain beckons and I’m here working on a short story that I plan on sharing later.

The scent of hot chocolate tickles my senses as I pick up the cup and take a sip, its contents halfway gone. A bowl of uneaten ramen noodles sits on top of the CPU, a gooey mass that has now grown cold. I kind of forgot about it once I became engrossed in what I was writing. It’s eerily quiet, as I’m doing my damnedest not to wake anyone. The only light visible is that of my monitor and the kitchen light – my desk sits in the living room, you see, about three feet from the kitchen door. Everything else is dark and the ghost in the house has just made itself known. Quite frankly, I like it this way.

It’s the perfect environment for writing. At least, it is for me. It’s also the perfect time for procrastination. But I’m trying not to do that. ::chuckles:: Instead, I’m trying to keep myself productive. I’ve a deadline that I need to make so now is as good a time as any to work on things, right?