ButBlessedWe all have our own spiritual beliefs. Beliefs that lift us up when we are down, and give us the strength to continue on. Beliefs that fill us with joy and understanding.

Until recently, I never focused on spiritual beliefs of any kind. This is because I found myself in a profound rebellious stage. This is hard to admit, but I spent a good while blaming the Lord for things that happened in my life so long ago. Mind you, it was never the Lord’s fault. It was just the way things happened, you know?

When God came back into my life, I was at an all-time low. I felt broken and unsure, always wondering what would happen next in life. Deep inside, I felt like I was floundering in a dark abyss that I wasn’t sure I’d ever get out of.

These days, however, I’m standing strong and finding my place in the world again. God has opened doors for me that have yielded quite a few blessings. I’ve met so many wonderful people, and have been able to experience so many wonderful things, that I truly feel blessed. I’m honestly grateful that He touched me when He did. There’s no telling where I’d be right now.

Though we all have our spiritual beliefs, never be afraid to find strength in them. Never be afraid to give thanks for what you’ve been given. Most of all, never be afraid to speak of what you believe in. Granted, not everyone holds those same beliefs, but most will understand where you’re coming from. At least, we can hope, right?