I’ve been hard at work these days writing a myriad of stories. Most of you know I’ve been working on a LitRPG book, whose title and premise won’t be revealed yet, since it’s a secret project of sorts.

Last night, before finally hitting the sheets, my Muse decided it still wanted to give me yet another project to work on. This one, however, won’t be so secret.

I plan to share it with all of you as I go along. This newest book is titled Soul Siphon. The main character is known as Cassius Gunter, a young man with a bone to pick with the world around him. The kicker? He’s dead.

I’ll reveal more deets as soon as the Muse makes them available to me. I do so hope you all like the book when the time comes. It’s off to a nice start already. Chapter 1 has been completed. Mind-boggling, I know, since I finished it before I fell asleep last night.

Anywho, here’s the first excerpt from this story. Enjoy!