Not too long ago I’d mentioned to all of you that I’ve a few things cooking. I’m honestly excited about everything because once all is said and done I’m planning to do simultaneous releases when the time comes. Several books are ready. I’m just holding off on releasing them until I’ve a few fully completed and ready to go.

In between working on a several projects this morning I took a moment to create a temporary cover for one of the books. This book’s genre is fantasy LitRPG. GameLit, really.

The two main characters—not the usual way to write a book, but I like being different, you know? Who knows? This might work for me, so we’ll see soon enough—are fully credited to a friend of mine who’s allowed me to use his game character/ideas, in addition to another character/several story deets for the game world I’m creating.

The two of us constantly sit down to branching out new details/characteristics for the characters. It’s honestly exciting to toss around ideas and cement them, so to speak, so that I can integrate everything into the story when the time comes.

First chapter already has 600 words down already. Where the story will take us remains to be seen. We’ve a nice start on it already, though. I’m enjoying the characters, both their RL counterparts in the story and what will become their digital personas.

Anywho, I’m rambling, so I’ll get back to what I meant to share with you. The idea depicted on this image is what I’ll be modeling the digital persona for the character named Jess around. The ideas for doing so are already flowing. Can’t wait to share things as I go with all of you.

Without further ado, here’s the temporary book cover, created via Canva.

Many thanks, lovelies, for joining me on this journey. And many thanks to Nick, for lending me his awesome characters for this crazy world/series I’m building as I go along.