Hola, lovelies.

It’s me again. I’ve been tossing around an idea inside my head these last few days.

A few days ago, I spent quite a bit of time saving some drabbles—poetry, micro-fiction, and a few short stories—that I’d written on a website that was supposedly going to be shut down.

I ended up with a total of 23k words from everything I saved to the file. I’m thinking of compiling all of it into a book. The title of the book—which my Muse gave me the inspiration for yesterday—is Drabbles of the Soul.

Drabbles are technically pieces of fiction that can go up to a hundred words in length. The poetry and micro-fiction are 55 words a piece. The short stories are longer pieces, though, which are comprised of 55 words per each section I’d written via the website in question. Thus, all the writing I’d done prior to this moment are drabbles, you know?

The genres for each of the writing pieces are all different. Some is paranormal, horror, romance, dark, etc. You name it, I’ve written it. The writing to be featured in the book itself is quite diverse.

So, my question to all of you is this, is something like this of interest?

I’m in the process of setting up the story/poetry order for the book. Anticipating it to be ready for release before/around August/September. Sooner, if all goes well. We’ll see soon enough, right?