BookSo I’ve recently published my first EBook. It wasn’t easy, but I got it out there and have been hoping that people will start seeing it and hopefully purchase it.

But I have to be honest. Something I saw while surfing on my cellphone today made me realize that I still have no online presence. Aside from friends and family, and the occasional people that I’ve become friends with online, no one really knows who I am. Yes, I’ve been around online for years. Yes, some know of me and the work that I write. Yet when it all comes down to it, I’m still an unknown. A nobody.

I sat here at the computer yesterday and the time to finally start becoming seen, or heard, in a group of Indie Authors that I’ve been a member of awhile now. This, of course, was after I placed the finally touches for the information of my short story up on Barnes & Noble and on Amazon. I came to the realization today that I should have done the above along time ago.

I should have also taken the time to create this sort of blog, but I confess that I didn’t, and I still don’t, know exactly what it takes to really create an online presence for myself. I came across this website: while perusing my Twitter this morning. Someone had retweeted it and it caught my interest because in all honesty, I want to have people notice and become interested in my work. And I also want to do it the right way.

I realize that there’s still a lot that I need to learn. About writing, making myself heard, marketing my work, and everything else that entails about being an author. But I also confess that I’m scared. I wonder if it’ll actually happen for me. If I’ll really be the writer that I’ve always dreamed of being. It may not happen quickly – hell, I’ve been trying for years and it still feels as if I’m floundering, but I intend to give it everything I’ve got to see where it lands me. In the end it’ll pay off somehow, right?