Cloud Day DrawingI’ve been roiling with ideas this morning. No, seriously, I have! So much so, I thought I’d mention it.

Currently sitting here, cross-legged, writing this on my iPad. Outside my window, the birds are chirping. It’s overcast and drizzling. The cat and dog are whining. They’re anxious to get out and play.

I’ve been jotting down an idea that came to me while sleeping last night. Can’t believe I actually remembered it, since most times I forget whatever my brain seems to feed me while sleeping. I’m sure most of you know what that is like.

I’ve briefly outlined a five book series. Though I’m not sure when this will be released, I’ve at least started the ball rolling on it. The first four books depict the character’s lives and plights. The fifth book gives the girls’ closure.

I’m being a little vague on the details, I know, but that’s because I want the idea I’m working on to remain mine, for the time being. I promise I’ll release more details soon.

I’ve titled the series, Poison. This will change, however, once each book is fleshed out a little more.

Below are the current titles for each book in the series.

Book 1: Sorrow’s Kitchen
Book 2: Pretty In Pink
Book 3: Broken Perfection
Book 4: Shades of Gray
Book 5: Seeds of Yesterday

I’ve actually done a little research for this series this morning (names, locations, and the like), and hope that this will be something worthwhile. More details will follow soon!