Shattered BCA little late in posting up my unofficial entry for Six Sentence Sunday, for which I apologize. I forgot to sign up again, but I’ll be ready for next Sunday. 😉

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Be sure to check out my previous installments for Six Sentence Sunday, as this is a continuation of that. Keep in mind that this story has no title, as of yet. My aim is to keep sharing 6 more sentences of this story with you all every Sunday as I go along. Hopefully, by the time it’s said and done, the book will be completed and ready for release.


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Michael’s twin grasped my chin between his thumb and forefinger, pulling my face forward. His blue eyes narrowed as he tilted it to the side, his tongue clicking loudly against his teeth. “She looks none-the-worse for wear. She’ll be fine, I think.”

“I think you’ve frightened the poor girl,” Isnah Popergathy said as she tightened her small hands about the reins of her horse. “Let her be.”