When Jacob Merely took on the mantle of the God of War, Ares, he never imagined the repercussions of his doing so. Granted, he’s got an army of Amazons at his beck and call. It doesn’t lessen the fact, however, that he’ll need to set all wrongs to right before Hades ends up freeing himself from the depths of the Underworld. To do that, he’ll need to employ everything he’s got in his arsenal, while dealing with the adversities coming at him from every corner.

While I’ve come into this series via the third book, I must say I enjoyed the book itself. Aaron Crash and James A. Hunter have taken the Greek gods and given them an entirely different lore. Some of it does follow the tropes we’ve come to know and love of the Greek gods, but the authors’ creative license have molded the gods and goddesses something new, refreshing, and definitely intriguing.

The story’s main protagonist is dealing with the fact that he’s the reincarnated God of War. To some extent, anyway. He wants to retain his own self, yet Ares refuses to let him do so. Ares wants what he had before. He doesn’t accept the fact that he died so long ago. Thus, he’ll do anything to break free of the chains that bind him to Jacob’s godstone.

Jacob, on the other hand, is intent on retaining everything he is. It was interesting to see how he asserts himself whenever the God of War tries to overcome him. He’s got a lot on his plate, yet he refuses to back down from what he knows is right. The authors have done a lovely job in setting up what’s coming soon enough. Whether Jacob achieves an ends to his means remains to be seen. Nevertheless, I look forward to seeing him get there when the time comes.


A Marine turned Greek God. An Army of Beautiful Amazons. One Final Battle against Death Itself.

Jacob Merely has secured the ultimate weapon against evil, the Crystal Scythe, and now it’s time for him to bring the fight to Hades himself.

Unfortunately, Earl Necro Earl and his undead forces stand in the way, so if Jacob is going to defeat the god of death, he’s going to have to take out Earl first. Knocking Earl’s teeth into the back of his throat? Yeah, Jacob is totally okay with that.

And when a mysterious new woman arrives unexpectedly at their gates with no memory of who she is—but seems to know of a secret passageway into the heart of the Temple of Hades—Jacob finally has the last piece of the puzzle. But with every new battle won, Jacob is tempted to give into the rage and arrogance that consumed Ares.

Can Jacob resist the temptation to become a total douchebag? Can he and his Amazons unravel the mystery behind the ancient Olympian War and finish a battle as old as time itself? And what new demons does Hades have to throw against the War God?

Continue reading War God’s Mantle by James A. Hunter, author of Rogue Dungeon and the litRPG epic Viridian Gate Online, and Aaron Crash, author of the bestselling American Dragons series.




Aaron Crash writes adrenaline-fueled odysseys into the extreme regions of speculative fiction. If you’re looking for cyborg vampires or jellyfish centaurs, you’ve come to the right place.

He is the co-author of the War God’s Mantle series (Shadow Alley Press) and other over-the-top sci-fi/fantasy novels. He’s been an Amazon All-Star and his books have broken into Amazon’s Top 100.

When he’s not wrestling the word dragons, he mountain bikes, kills pixels dead, and has been known to watch a movie or three. He lives in Colorado where he does devilish things.



James A Hunter

James Hunter is a full-time ink slinger, a member of SFWA, and the author of the Yancy Lazarus Series (Urban Fantasy), Legend of the Treesinger (Urban Fantasy), Rogue Dungeon (litRPG), War God’s Mantle (Fantasy), MudMan (Urban Fantasy), and the litRPG epic, Viridian Gate Online.

In addition to writing, he also runs a non-traditional publishing company, Shadow Alley Press, with his wife, Jeanette (who is absolutely amazing).

He is also a former Marine Corps Sergeant, combat veteran, and pirate hunter (seriously), not to mention a member of The Royal Order of the Shellback—’cause that’s a real thing. When he’s not working, writing, or spending time with his family, he occasionally eats and sleeps.