Daisy’s Love At War

Daisy Patterson has never forgotten the man she’s love so long ago. A man whose memory continues to reside within the confines of her mind and her heart. While most consider her to be just a senile old woman, one of her caretaker’s knows that’s not true.

When moments of lucidity arrive for Daisy, those caring for her are given glimpses into the world she once knew. Intent on giving Daisy something special for her birthday, one of her caretaker’s decides to present her with a bound copy of a book that she wrote while her husband was away at war. Little do they know, the story may not be a story at all, but rather an account of Daisy’s past.


Living Dead

This poem was very thought-provoking about what it’s like when love is taken for granted and how hard it is for someone to grasp how far they fall. It’s harder still when the spirit is broken and the strength to keep on going seems so far away. Most of all is the reality that’s encountered when, one realizes that things will never be the same.


No Cookies Today

Often times, we take a lot for granted. Food, clothes, practically everything around us. Sometimes, it takes another person to make us realize this little fact.

No Cookies Today is an endearing story about a woman who comes to realize that sometimes giving someone else a helping hand goes a long way. Kindness is the best thing that we can gift another, for it’ll always be remembered. Especially when there are children involved.



The heart knows when it’s found what it’s looking for. It latches on and will never let go. Possessed is a poem that reflects just that. It tells a tale of what it’s like to lose oneself to the one who’s captured the very essence of who we are.


Thief’s Moon

I had the chance to beta read this story. I must say that it was quite better than it was before and just as hot and heavy. The primal hunger between a man and a woman can never be denied. Most especially when it’s shared between those that are meant to be together.



Desire is a tricky thing. It consumes us in a way that leaves us wanting more. This poem conveyed that very message with but a few words. The vivid image of vampires stayed with me throughout the entire book. A thought-provoking and very unique poem. I enjoyed it immensely.



A chance meeting, that’s all it takes for her to lose her heart to a man she’s just met. A beautiful man and the heady desire that breaks out between them are more than she can bear. Yet she can’t deny that she’s losing herself to the moment. With just one kiss, she falls under his spell, yearning for something she can’t quite understand.

This story, while short, was quite intriguing. It left me wanting to read more. I felt that it was the basis of what could be a great novel. ::hint hint::



I found this poem quite heart-wrenching. The feeling of despair was apparent within every line. You can almost feel the want and need to just let go by the time you get to the very end of it.


A Startling Character

With a casual glance about the café, her glance is riveted to a man she’s never met. His unique visage captures her attention, adding to the thoughts that continue to rumble throughout her head – thoughts she intends to use as inspiration for her stories. Little does she know, her thoughts may not even be her own.

This was quite a unique read. Enjoyed it immensely. I think it has potential for novel material, though. There were elements in it that I thought could be expanded upon.


Too Much

Love’s flame always burns bright, even from a distance. You can feel the yearning, the need exuded throughout this poem. It’s quite thought-provoking. Enjoyed it immensely.


Moving On

This last story was quite full of feeling. The way Sinead wrote it, you can feel the character’s pain and the extensive loss she feels inside. She tries to hold on to the memories, to make sense of it all even though her heart is breaking.

Falling out of a relationship is very hard, most especially when it’s been one that has gone on for years. The picture Sinead painted was quite vivid, one that everyone can relate to.



I absolutely loved this book. Sinead has a way of drawing the reader’s attention so that it remains riveted to her stories and poems. Each of her unscheduled stops, or muses, if you will, are unique in their own way. They allow us a glimpse into the workings of her mind, her thoughts, and ideas that she puts down on paper.

I enjoyed this very delightful journey. I know you will, too. I truly recommend this book for reading.


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Synopsis: The Unscheduled Stops is a transitory journey into the mind of author Sinead MacDughlas.  Six short stories and five poems long, this is a trip you won’t soon forget.


Sinead PictureAbout The Author:

Sinead MacDughlas is a Canadian writer living in Southern Ontario. She is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and cat-owner. She’s a bit of a gypsy, a jane of all trades/master of none; an encyclopedia of mostly useless information. Her official occupation is a stay-at-home Mom. She’s chosen to self-publish her debut, an anthology titled The Unscheduled Stops. Sinead is currently preparing her first novel, a mystery-lit. titled Learn To Love Me, for publication in 2012.


You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Goodreads, Smashwords and the Independent Writer’s Association.