TMOK Button Thaddeus Kane has lived his life serving others. Abandoned at a young age, he had no choice but to succumb to Shalim, the leader of the demon clan that found him one day. Granted, his existence has never been a happy one, but he’s made sure to show those around him that he’s quite capable of living up to the clan’s standards. He harbors a strong will to live and will do anything to make sure he doesn’t check out early.

Tasked with searching for every single sorcerer and putting a stop to their sordid plans, Thaddeus is good at what he does. With the help of his trusty sidekick, Chaz, he’s never deterred from the missions he’s undertaken. Until now, that is. An unexpected source has alerted him to the sorcerer’s activities and Thaddeus is hell-bent on discovering what their current purpose is.

Taking matters into his own hands, he sets off to decipher just what it is that they’re up to, knowing quite well that he’s risking his master’s wrath in the process. Yet he knows he cannot deny his source the aid she requires and he’ll do everything possible to ensure that the prophetic children are kept safe. Their survival is the key to discovering the depths to which the sorcerers have sunk.

TMOK BCGathering the children as he goes about in accruing the needed intel to stop the sorcerers within their tracks, he’s surprised that he truly does want to keep them safe. The discovery of several wizards amongst the group does throw an unexpected kink into their plans. If he’s able to help them learn what they need to know about who, and what, they are, they may just prove to be a blessing in disguise. But first Thaddeus needs to ensure their ultimate survival if they’re to succeed in taking down the Consortium, once and for all.

From the moment I flipped the page to the first chapter, it caught my attention and wouldn’t let go until I’d read the book completely. The history between the demons and the wizards was a little elusive, at first, but I think L. W. did a lovely job in building the history surrounding the two factions as well as telling Thaddeus’ back story. I look forward to reading more of L. W.’s work soon.



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My name is Thaddeus Kane. I exist in Los Angeles, the city known for the hustle of Hollywood, an average 266 days a year of sunshine, and smog.

That’s not my L.A. I operate under the mantle of the city as a troubleshooter for the demon clan who saved my life. Not a bad job if I can stay alive, but I have my limits. I refuse to risk innocents, which causes me problems. That one line I won’t cross for anyone. Loyalties—I have them. I’m pretty sure none of my associates would approve of my particular choices.

Human sorcerers are murdering my clan to harness superpowers and I’m the only one capable of finding the evil. A tough assignment, made harder by my secret alliance with a rival demoness to save prophetic teenagers from the same horrible fate. I’m all they’ve got.



About The Author:

LW Herndon is a pseudonym for the author of the Thaddeus Kane urban fantasy novels and the Declan Other Realm young adult urban fantasy tales. For more information on LW Herndon and future books, you can visit the website and blog.


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