HH BadgeInvolved with advocating children’s organizations, Nora Cross doesn’t have time to spend on extra-curricular activities. At least, none that involve cooking. Yet when her sister signs her up for an impromptu cooking class, she has no other choice but to follow through on the task at hand rather than suffer Karen’s wrath.

Arriving at her destination, she’s overcome with the exuberance she now finds herself. Casita Hunter is more than she had ever imagined as is the cooking instructor she soon comes across. He’s gorgeous and irresistible and she finds herself attracted to him in more ways than one. So much so, that she’s willing to give the cooking lesson a shot in order to spend more time with him. When things go awry, Nora soon realizes she’s way out of her league.

Determined not to let things get to her, she immerses herself within her work, never once imagining that the events of that night would come back to haunt her. A burglary at her apartment forces her into Hunter’s hands, a fact that she’s not really certain in how to handle. She grateful to him for the fact that he’s come to her rescue and willingly allows him to help her make the most of the situation. Yet she never counted upon the feelings he’s begun to evoke within her.

It soon becomes apparent that someone is after Nora. No one knows what the person’s after or why she’s the target. She refuses to live in the shadows and will do everything she can to get to the bottom of things. As secrets of her past begin to surface, she’s no longer sure as to what is real and what is not. If she’s to survive her ordeal, she’ll need to discover the truth, and fast, before her life is truly forfeit.

THH BCThis was actually a very intriguing story. I enjoyed it very much. It’s definitely a very heart-warming story about a young woman who discovers that sometimes life isn’t what we make of it and we make do with the circumstances we are dealt with. I think Karen did everything she could to ensure that Nora had a good life. Her parents certainly did the best they could for her, that’s for sure. The romance between Nora and Hunter was certainly palpable, as well. It’s a very engrossing read and definitely worth reading again.





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