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TGP BC Matthew London has lived a solitary existence ever since a hostage negotiation went awry eight years ago, and took the lives of his best friend and his family. He’s never forgiven himself for not being able to help them, and has done everything possible to forget about his past life. So much so, that he now goes by a new name. For him, his new way of life is less complicated, and he can live exactly how he pleases.

When an unexpected abduction takes place in the midst of a hurricane, he’s soon recruited by the lovely Annie Crawford to give her a helping hand. Granted, the situation itself is anything but normal. He knows he should remain in the shadows. That he should let someone else take care of things, but the sight of Annie landing on his very doorstep changes everything.

Determined to do everything possible to help Annie in bringing home the little girl free of harm, he soon embarks on a journey that has him questioning his good intentions. Battling the elements, and numerous attempts on their lives, Matthew tries to understand what is driving him to carry out his good deed. He knows he shouldn’t risk life and limb to help Annie out. He should leave well enough alone. Unfortunately, the need to make a difference in someone’s life is so ingrained within him that he can do nothing but follow his instincts in the hopes that everything will turn out for the best once it’s all said and done.

A heart-wrenching and thought-provoking story, The Grace Painter is a book that slides under your skin, and makes you think about things you never thought possible. The reader finds him/herself immersed in the lives of Matthew London and Annie Crawford, two unique individuals with distinct lives who cross each others paths in unimaginable ways. Both are full of goodness, and lead almost parallel lives, though Matthew keeps his true existence hidden for personal reasons. Granted, there are a slew of other characters thrown into the mix, but it’s the story surroundings these two characters that really seals the deal. I enjoyed the book immensely.



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Matthew London was once a highly respected hostage negotiator for the NYPD. But then a bungled hostage scene destroyed his career. Now all London wants is to be left alone to lick his wounds. He thought he left his past far behind him when he fled New York City for the backwaters of Louisiana. But eight years later a young girl from a nearby parish is kidnapped, and London steps out from the shadows. Recruited to help find the missing girl by a down-on-her-luck FBI agent, London quickly finds himself thrust into the starring role of a daring rescue attempt. But before London can rescue the child from her kidnappers, he first must find a way to forgive himself for a past misstep, a blunder that forever altered his once promising life.

Her partner killed, and cut off from her superiors by a Category 5 hurricane, FBI Special Agent Annie Crawford is at the end of her rope. She has only hours left to find a little girl before the unthinkable happens. And the only person she can find to help her is a mysterious stranger who paints murals inside his plantation house by candlelight. Worse, in order to rescue the child, Annie must revisit a place that terrifies her, a dilapidated fishing shack with a morbid history of crime and violence. The clock is ticking for Annie, Matthew London, and most importantly…the kidnapped child.



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I was born in 1967. Avid reader, suspense novelist, faithful husband, baffled father, factory worker, reformed head-banger, failed musician, contact sports lover, MMA enthusiast, distressed KC sports fan, Lord of the Rings geek, workout fiend, dog owner, nature lover, proud American, disgruntled voter, pistachio addict, caffeine-riddled, screw-up saved by grace, sojourner. This is me in a nutshell.



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