Dating Zombies CoverA plague has decimated the world. Men are practically extinct, sort of. Those that have survived and aren’t zombified live in the lap of luxury while the rest have been transformed into complete zombies. This has left every woman on Earth to take matters into their own hands in hopes of rebuilding the world as they know it.

While doing so hasn’t been easy, the survivors have been able to make do with they’ve got. They’ve also learned to co-exist with their zombie-ish friends, a fact made quite clear in Hattie Cross’s book, The Girls’ Guide To Dating Zombies. Sure, there’s an extensive list of things to do in order to live peacefully with one of these beloved ghouls but I’m sure you’re up to the task, aren’t you? If Hattie can do it, then surely, so can we!

Let’s face it, the thought of being with a zombie might sound appalling, but there are now measures to counterattack their rapid decay. The myriad of drugs now available will allow you to slow that process down considerably. Can’t stand the smell emanating from these reliving corpses? No problem! There are creams for that. Want to keep him happy? Let him watch football 24/7. Seriously, he’s content to just sit in front of the tube and grunt right and left to his heart’s content.

Intimacy with one isn’t a problem either as there are medications that make that possible between the both of you. Let’s also not forget that by giving him a bite to eat of the occasional animal brain whenever he’s hungry will make him appreciate you all the more. Of course, also learning their language ensures you’ll have a successful relationship, as well. It’s that simple, I swear!


Hattie Cross never imagined she’d gain such notoriety when she decided to write the The Girls’ Guide To Dating Zombies. She considers herself lucky when she inadvertently piques the interest of the CEO of the largest drug company around. Granted, Matilda isn’t easy to get know because of her busy schedules and the little entourage that follows her around but Hattie is willing to give things a shot and see how they go. Who knows? Perhaps the woman will help her in getting ahead somehow.

Her entire world is soon thrown into limbo when she meets Jake Maddox, the first healthy male she’s ever seen in decades. The sight of him boggles her mind and sends her senses spinning as she finds herself drawn to him in more ways than one. Yet there’s something about him and Matilda she can’t quite put her finger on. Delving deeper into the mysteries surrounding the company and Jake himself, Hattie stumbles upon truths she wishes she’d never become privy to in the first place.


This was such an awesome story. I enjoyed every minute of it. The comedic spin on several things from the real world was awesome and it leant credibility to how things could be if such a calamity were to actually arise one day. The characters were very likeable and the situations that Hattie occasionally found herself in were certainly relatable.

Lynn did a beautiful job in building the environment for her story and the extensive research that must have gone into it certainly comes through. I definitely recommend this book to others for reading.



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