Bewitched Button Max Fergus has lived a privileged life. He’s the quarterback of his school’s football team, and is an exemplary student. He’s also the head cheerleader’s boyfriend. In his mind, his life is going just the way he wants it to, and there’s nothing else he could ask for. Until the moment Anna Lissa Felidae steps into his life.

Within the blink of an eye, she turns his life topsy-turvy. He’s not quite sure as to why he now finds himself drawn to her, but the thought of leaving her in someone else’s hands is something he can’t fathom. She’s all he can think about from the moment he sets his eyes on her, a fact Jennifer refuses to take lying down, so to speak. Max knows he’ll need to set things straight between Jennifer and himself if he’s to have some sort of future with Anna. Unfortunately, that task is much more difficult than it seems.

When it becomes apparent that Anna is more than what she seems, Max soon realizes that the world as he knew it is nothing but a lie. Secrets have been kept from him in hopes of shielding him from the dangers that are surely coming his way. While he understands that things were kept mum in order to protect him from the supernatural, part of him can’t help but to wish that he’d known about the extraordinary world he now finds himself in a long time ago. Still, his family had very good reasons for keeping him in the dark, and he’ll need to accept things as they are if he’s to succeed in fulfilling his destiny.

SMS BCDanger lurks in the distance as Max comes to understand the fact that he’s now a Shifter, among other things. The fate of the supernatural world lies in his hands. The threat to his existence and that of the Shifter world draws ever closer. There are those intent on unseating the throne of power, once and for all. There’s a lot he’ll need to learn in such a short time if he’s to succeed in putting all wrongs to right. Unfortunately, time isn’t that forthcoming.

Elizabeth did a very nice job in putting together a very unique world surrounding both the supernatural, the lore behind some of the Olympian gods, as well as utilizing the history behind the Irish gods and goddesses. The amount of research put forth to craft such an intriguing universe is greatly apparent. The characters also lend their own voices to the story itself, and bring forth the vision the author wished to convey throughout every page.

This was honestly the start of a good series. The book does need a little tightening on the punctuation/grammar front, though. Aside from that, Soul Mates: Scent is a very engrossing story. One, I enjoyed very much while reading.



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Synopsis for Bewitched:

School is out for Tony Gunari, and now it’s time to grow up, to be what he was meant to be, a Sióga Feiceann — a Fae assassin. After years of hiding what he truly was from his nearest and dearest friends, Tony has decided to travel to New York and discover the whole secret of his legacy including what really happened to his father. The Fae war is in full swing so Tony decides that while he’s at it; he’s going to kick a little Dark Fae butt.

Jillian O’Neal is a Sorceress, sent by her parents from Ireland to train with a man named Nico in New York. Her tough, sassy attitude sometimes gets her into trouble, but she could never have imagined the trouble meeting someone like Tony Gunari, a real Sióga Feiceann, was going to cause her especially when she realizes that her duty is to protect him at all costs.

When Tony meets Jillian he is instantly intrigued by the fireball throwing, Irish witch with a sassy attitude. Protecting her becomes his number one priority. Who knows…

With a bit of Irish luck they may just have a chance to save the world and fall in love…



EAL PictureAbout The Author:

Elizabeth A. Lance lives with her husband, Brandon, their two tweens, three sassy cats that think they own the house and two crazy German Sheppard-Husky mix puppies. She is the author of the Agents for the Crown Regency series as well as the Young Adult series, Soul Mates. She loves to hear from her fans and can be reached at


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