Bewitched ButtonTony Gunari’s world has changed completely ever since he learned that his best friend, Max, is both a Shifter and a Fae. Not to mention that his existence as a Sióga Feiceann has been confirmed. While those of his kind are labeled as Fae assassin’s, he knows he’s not a threat to the Light Fae world. In fact, he’s an avid supporter, and would do anything to aid Max with anything he needs.

When his protection becomes compromised, Tony is forced to flee to the one place he never thought he’d set foot in ever again. His uncle is less than pleased to see him, and yearns to send him back to his mother’s arms. Unfortunately, that’s something that won’t happen just yet. The Unseelie threat has become far more cumbersome than anyone could have ever imagined, and it must be vanquished, at all costs.

Allowed to reside with his uncle for the time being, he soon begins to learn the in’s and out’s of his unique heritage. Granted, being a Sióga Feiceann isn’t as easy as it sounds. Never-the-less, Tony is quite willing to learn as much as possible in order to lend his uncle and those beneath his tutelage a helping hand.

Bewitched BCIronically, there’s one thing he never counted upon: Jillian O’Neal. Her sudden appearance has rocked his world in more ways than one. The fact that he finds himself greatly attracted to her does nothing to deter him from the task at hand, however. Although, he cannot deny that he’s drawn to her as they spend more and more time together.

Tony vows to protect her from the danger crawling towards their very doorstep. While she may be a tad reluctant to allow himself to do so, she finds it hard to remain at arm’s length from him for long. Deep inside, they’re tied to one another, even if they won’t admit it. He soon learns more about himself than he ever thought possible. He, Max, and his new friends will need to set their differences aside if they’re to band together in hopes of vanquishing the oncoming evil, once for all.

This was truly a lovely addition to the Soul Mates series. I enjoyed it immensely. This takes up a little ways after Soul Mate ends, and lends further insight to the existing war between the Fae and the Unseelie kingdom. It was nice to see Max and Tony grow stronger in the face of such adversity. The brief glimpses into Max and Anna’s world as parents was certainly endearing. I did encounter a couple spots where certain punctuation was missing/grammar needed to be fixed, but I didn’t let that deter me from enjoying the story itself. I look forward to what comes next for this very intriguing series.



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Synopsis for Bewitched:

School is out for Tony Gunari, and now it’s time to grow up, to be what he was meant to be, a Sióga Feiceann — a Fae assassin. After years of hiding what he truly was from his nearest and dearest friends, Tony has decided to travel to New York and discover the whole secret of his legacy including what really happened to his father. The Fae war is in full swing so Tony decides that while he’s at it; he’s going to kick a little Dark Fae butt.

Jillian O’Neal is a Sorceress, sent by her parents from Ireland to train with a man named Nico in New York. Her tough, sassy attitude sometimes gets her into trouble, but she could never have imagined the trouble meeting someone like Tony Gunari, a real Sióga Feiceann, was going to cause her especially when she realizes that her duty is to protect him at all costs.

When Tony meets Jillian he is instantly intrigued by the fireball throwing, Irish witch with a sassy attitude. Protecting her becomes his number one priority. Who knows…

With a bit of Irish luck they may just have a chance to save the world and fall in love…



EAL PictureAbout The Author:

Elizabeth A. Lance lives with her husband, Brandon, their two tweens, three sassy cats that think they own the house and two crazy German Sheppard-Husky mix puppies. She is the author of the Agents for the Crown Regency series as well as the Young Adult series, Soul Mates. She loves to hear from her fans and can be reached at


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