SBP Button Since her encounter with the Druids, Rose Wintersong’s life has changed in more ways than one. She’s come to the realization that there are secrets her mother has kept from her and the coven itself. Secrets that might prove to be her undoing. While she’s not exactly sure as to why her mother has instigated such duplicity, she and her best friend, Ocean, make it their sole mission to find out everything they can when it comes to Rainbow herself.

Nursing a wounded heart, Rose comes to the realization that she’ll now need to leave Derek behind. The thought of losing him has left a gaping hole inside of herself, one she’s not sure will mend completely. She knows she’s hurt him and his family, but there’s nothing she can think of to fix the rift that keeps growing between them.

When help lands at her doorstep in the guise of her mother’s lackey, Blake, Rose is weary about allowing him near her. After all, she’s had reservations about him before, so what make this time so different? Determined to give him a second chance in proving himself, she allows him the benefit of a doubt. Never once did she imagine that he’d come through for her when she’s needed him the most.

To her surprise, love has a way of making things right again. Most especially when Derek comes back asking for forgiveness. Though she knows that things aren’t that easy between them, Rose cannot deny what she feels for the beautiful shifter. Her heart aches for him every minute they’re apart, and she’ll do anything to make things work between them.

SBP BCAs the secrets surrounding Rose’s past surface, and Rainbow’s sordid plan unravels, Rose comes to understand that she and those she loves are pawns in a game she’s no longer sure they’ll win. Her mother has made sure to gain the upper hand in everything she does. She’s also hell-bent on wreaking havoc on everyone’s lives. If she’s to succeed, she’ll need to beat her mother at her own game. The question is, how far will she go in making sure her mother doesn’t hurt anyone else in the process?

Picking up where the first book leaves, Seduced By Pain dives right into the havoc caused by Rose’s betrayal in hopes of trying to do the right thing. We’re also given a glimpse into the person Blake becomes after having agreed to do Rainbow’s bidding. Granted, that little twist in the story was one I never saw coming, but I’ve got to admit that it gave the character a deeper meaning to its humanity I never thought possible.

In the first book, I honestly didn’t like Blake that much, mostly because he was intent on destroying the goodness Rose held inside. In his mind, he meant well, but he was going about things the wrong way. This time around Kimberly used his infatuation with her to the character’s advantage. He was able to learn the proper way to love, even if he became a demon in order to see just how much Rose meant to him.

That aspect of the story was certainly endearing. It’s wonderful to see that Rose and Derek were finally able to get a little Closure, too, even if their world isn’t full of roses. (No pun intended!) I’m definitely looking forward to what the next book in the series has to bring. Will Blake completely redeem himself, I wonder? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.



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Their passion will destroy them.
Only true love can save them.

“Hope is a fragile thing, yet strangely enduring. It hides in the crevices of pain, burrowing deep until unseen, for fear that sorrow, in its rage, will devour hope’s desperate hold on the heart.

It can live there for years, silent and waiting. Or, it can be slaughtered with a word— mankind’s most powerful weapon.

They say that universes are created with words.

And with words, they are destroyed.

Just as mine has been.”

In the sequel to Seduced by Innocence, Derek and Rose face even greater threats to their love. As Derek fights to protect his family’s source of power, Rose struggles to control her own.



About The Author:

Kimberly Kinrade was born with ink in her veins and magic in her heart. She writes fantasy and paranormal stories for all ages and still believes in magic worlds. Check out her YA paranormal series The Forbidden Trilogy, her lower grade fantasy series The Three Lost Kids, and watch for her New Adult romance and fantasy books coming in 2013 including The Seduced Saga, Sunrise and Nightfall, Death by Destiny and The Fallen Trilogy and her next YA fantasy adventure, The Reluctant Familiar. You can find her books on Amazon, B&N and Goodreads among other fine retailers.

When she’s not writing, she runs Daring Books Design & Marketing with her husband, Dmytry Karpov, where they help authors with all manner of marketing, editing, and design needs until such a time that their brilliant children take over the business for them.

She lives with her three little girls who think they’re ninja princesses with super powers, her two cats who think they’re gods (and probably are), her two dogs who think they’re humans and her husband, also known as the sexy Russian Prince, who is the love of her life and writing partner.



Connect With Her Online:


Twitter: @KimberlyKinrade

Facebook: /KimberlyKinrade





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