RTT BadgeTired of the abuse her husband has been pouring out on her for years, Andrea Garrett has decided that enough is enough. She’s tried time and again to get out of the abusive marriage, but Sean has found various ways to keep her by his side. The latest attempt to get away from him has left her impaired in more ways than one. Never-the-less, she’s determined to leave him, once and for all.

Leaving her children in the care of her brother’s hands, she sets out to find a better place to live. In her mind, the farther she can get away from Sean, the better she and the children will be. An unexpected accident, however, lands in her in the hands of a couple willing to help her to get back on her own to feet. Their sudden appearance and their gracious nature is the prayer Andrea’s been looking for. She also knows she needs to set everything into order if she’s to succeed in pushing her plans forward.

Deep inside, she knows she’ll be able to weather the storm that’s surely coming her way. Yet uncertainty and doubt paint every move she makes. Her fear about Sean finding her and wrestling her back to the life she lived before is more than she can handle. The present has arrived upon her doorstep with the promise of a better future skirting around the corner, and her new beau, Kyle, and their friends refuse to allow her to dwell on the past.

Although she can’t forget about the pain and heartache Sean has caused, Andrea does her best to move on. Her children need their mother, and she’s determined to make their future a brighter one than it was before. With Kyle standing by her side, she tells herself that anything is possible.

RTT BCThe thought of removing Sean from her life, once and for all, is something she’ll strive for each and every day. Unfortunately, he won’t make that easy. He’s determined to make her pay for the supposes injustices she’s committed against him. Andrea, however, refuses to allow him to have the upper hand. Her family’s safety and protection is the one thing she can ensure from the get-go, and she won’t let anything stand in the way of that. Not even Sean himself.

Touching on several hard subjects, I found this book to be both heart-warming and heart-wrenching. Domestic abuse isn’t something that many people write about, but I believe it’s something we, as people, should educate others about. Most especially when it’s related to PTSD and TBI. These three things are hard to deal with, and can sometimes make life difficult. More than we actually think possible.

I think Mary’s writing about such difficult subjects broaden the reader’s knowledge about what someone in Sean and Andrea’s positions go through every day. These situations aren’t easy, but they are manageable. Most especially when those going through them are able to get help in time in order to deal with them. Granted, it’s not always possible to. Sometimes, though, we need to help ourselves before we can help someone else, a point Mary touches upon many times throughout the book itself.

This is truly a wonderful series. I enjoyed the book very much, and look forward to more of Mary’s writing. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this book, and the series itself, you should. It’s a thought-provoking series that will surely tug on your heartstrings. I truly recommend it.



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MM PictureAbout the book: Andrea Garrett is trying to escape her abusive marriage. Fearing for her life, she leaves her two small children with her twin brother and flees her home the day before her husband is due to arrive back from a tour of duty. After falling asleep at the wheel and landing in a ditch, her life takes on a new direction when strangers step in and introduce her to a life she could only have imagined and one that could save her soul and give her children the future they deserve. Get Road to Tomorrow through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

About the author: Mary Metcalfe lives in the foothills of the Laurentians, northeast of Ottawa, Canada with her husband, three cats and a very large dog. Love of writing runs in the family. Their daughter is a published literary non-fiction author. Clarion Review described Mary’s debut novel as a “sparkling debut… readers will love being swept along by Winds of Change.”Road to Tomorrow is her third novel in the Look to the Future series. Connect with Mary on her website, blog, Facebook, GoodReads, or Twitter.

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