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MBM Button Arriane DuLac, or Ryan, as she prefers to be called has had to put up with a lot of pain and heartache. Her mother was taken from her unexpectedly as she’d tried to protect her from outside forces. Forces that are hell-bent on ending her own life, once and for all. Ryan, on the other hand, refuses to go down without a fight. Deep inside, she yearns to avenge her mother’s death and hopes to get that very chance some day soon.

When a giant stone with King Arthur’s stone, Excalibur, falls smack dab in the middle of Trafalgar Square, Ryan and the entire world are thrown for a loop. Her ex-boyfriend, Matt Emrys seems to know something about the spectacle itself, yet he refuses to say exactly what it is he knows. Ryan does her best to get Matt to divulge his secrets, but her feminine wiles can only go so far. Not that Matt’s falling for them, mind you. He has a much larger agenda on his hands and he’s not quite paying attention to the situation at hand. Or so Ryan thinks.

When her sister dies unexpectedly and Ryan and her brother are forced on the run, she comes to the realization that there’s more to the world they livein. Secrets have been kept from them, supposedly for their own protection. Livid at the blatant treachery, Ryan is determined to discover what it is she doesn’t know. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

MBM BCWhen she, Grey, and several others are recruited and whisked off to a school she’s never even heard of, Ryan vows to the get to the bottom of things. Her entire world is now in limbo and Matt seems to be at the very heart of what’s happening to her and the rest of the world. Soon, she and the recruits begin training in hopes of removing the sword from the stone. Their world – nay, their very existence, depends on one of them pulling the sword free.

As the gargoyles assemble and magic takes on a free rein, the candidates for King’s Arthur’s sword must band together if they’re to survive the ordeals that have now been placed across their paths. Each and everyone of them is determined to come out of everything on top in hopes of netting Camelot the victory it so much deserves.

Yet there’s one thing no one ever counted upon: Matt. The legendary Merlin knows what is to happen way before it ever does. His disturbing visions are something he’s had to live with ever since he can remember. He’s determined to set all of Camelot’s wrongs to right. Ryan is the key he needs to make that happen. But first he must deal with Vane and his ever-growing attraction to Ryan herself.

I’ve been interested in the legends surrounding Arthur and his beloved Camelot ever since I can remember. The lore, the intrigue surrounding Excalibur, and the love that existed between Guinevere and Lancealot – all of these elements have always piqued my interest. It’s fun imagining what life in medieval times was like, most especially within King Arthur’s court.

From the moment I started reading Priya’s book I was hooked. Granted, this is a unique take on the Arthurian legend, but I think she did a great job in building the world surrounding her beloved characters. She’s able to give us a fresh take and a modern look at all things Camelot.

It’s refreshing to see the world through a young Merlin’s eyes. To feel his pain, his anger, and the love he feels for Ryan – I think anyone can relate to the situations he, Ryan, and even Vivane find themselves in.

Beautifully written, the story grips you tightly and doesn’t let go until you find yourself at the very end wanting to know what happens next to these delightful characters. I look forward to what comes next in this wonderful series. Priya’s an author to definitely look out for. Her writing draws you in and keeps you riveted to every turn of the page!






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If you can’t trust your boyfriend, who can you trust?

In this teen Arthurian, 17-year-old student president Arriane, aka Ryan, DuLac just found out her badass biker boyfriend, Matt, is a little older than he was letting on. By a few eons.

In fact, he is really Merlin–the Merlin, King Arthur’s Merlin, the greatest wizard who ever lived. But Ryan’s not impressed. Tired of being a relationship loser, she’d rather kick his legendary behind.

Sure, the world has been crazy ever since the sword and the stone fell out of the sky like a meteor. But despite gruesome gargoyles, a new world of magic, and the guy driving her crazy, Ryan knows that family is everything. Will Merlin sacrifice hers to save the world? Will she be able to stop him?



PA PictureAbout The Author:

Storygirl, Priya Ardis, loves books of all kinds–but especially the gooey ones that make your nose leak and let your latte go cold. Her young adult novel, My Boyfriend Merlin, came from a childhood of playing too much She-Ra and watching too much Spock. She started her first book at sixteen, writing in notebooks on long train rides. While reading My Boyfriend Merlin, she recommends pajamas first and a pumpkin spice anything for taste.

What does she like to read? YA books! Coming-of-age books. Books with fantasy and magic with a cool heroine that’s really just the girl next door. Books about mythology and legends. And, hello, Mr. Darcy anyone?

Her favorite Arthurian piece is the poem The Lady of Shalott by Lord Alfred Tennyson.

A hopeless romantic, she’s a longtime member of the Romance Writer’s of America.



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