As the heirs to the royal thrones of their concordant races, Jatred and Jasmira know the blending of their races is forbidden. They shouldn’t be indulging in each others company, much less promising one another undying love. The two know they should leave well enough alone. That they should respect their goddess’s wishes. Unfortunately, when the heart is wanting, the right thing to do is often ignored.

Determined to make the most of the situation, Jatred and Jasmira keep their relationship a secret for as long as possible. Granted, doing so isn’t easy, but there is no way they’re going allow their goddesses to ruin what they’ve got going between one another. Or so they think.

When things take an unexpected turn, their lives are soon turned upside-down. Each of the goddesses has an agenda, and Jatred and Jasmira are now caught in the fray. If they’re to succeed in winning the battle, they’ll need to trust in their instincts. Sadly, that’s easier said than done. Most especially when you can’t remember what you should be doing in the first place.

Forged By Greed is definitely a very unique series. We find ourselves immersed in the conflict between two races. Each has a goal to be fulfilled, and the goddesses will stop at nothing to achieve an end to their own means.

I confess I do like the premise of the story. Sadly, I found myself trying to get into the story at certain points when the flow seemed to go a little flat. The reasons behind the goddesses goals are vaguely explained, and the main characters seem to be perpetually kept in the dark about everything. The romance between Jatred and Jasmira seemed a little flat, at times, though. Overall, I did like the story behind the distinct races, and do think I’ll be catching the second book soon to see how the story continues.


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“Prince Jatred!” The Winter Goddess’s voice sounded angry. She marched fast toward him. A deep frown settled between her brows.Watching her, the wolf lowered his head between his shoulder blades, his tail between his hind legs. A quiet growl rumbled in the back of his throat. Freezing gusts whipped at her hair and clothes. The Goddess’s long black dress trailed behind her, loose sleeves flapping in the wind. Her nails were painted black and matched the series of complex black tattoos covering her face. She appeared as the Celtic goddess Morrigan.

“You know why you’re here.” Crystal’s voice reverberated in the wolf’s head.

Her lips were pressed together.

He didn’t answer but kept his eyes on her. The Goddess stood in front of him, glowering, her hands on her hips. Her body stretched and grew until she was over ten feet tall, muscular and commanding. The wolf crouched down, baring his teeth.

“You are going to leave her today!” The Goddess’s voice boomed in the air. It echoed several times, bouncing off the mountains. Her face contorted in anger. She waved her hand, and a wave of freezing air hit him like a tornado. He tumbled uncontrollably, clawing at the snow. Crystal moved her hand again, and Jatred stopped rolling. He tried to stand up but he felt too dizzy. His body ached as if it was bruised all over.

“Prince Jatred,” the Goddess hissed. Her eyes were furious. Jatred got up and stood, panting, his legs wobbly. He took an unsure step forward, testing the ground. A low snarl escaped him, his ears flat.

“No,” he said with his mind, growling louder.

Crystal flicked her wrist once more, and the wolf flew back several feet, as if hit by a truck going at full-speed. He yelped and fell, sliding in the snow on his side.

Gasping, Jatred snapped his eyes open and bared his teeth. He growled and wrinkled his muzzle. The Goddess walked up to him. She stopped and folded her arms over her chest.

“Stop resisting. I don’t really want to hurt you.”

“We have a different understanding of the word ‘hurt’,” he wheezed with his mind.

“You will obey me this time, my Prince. Don’t make me summon you here again to remind you of your duty. Or it will be more than physical pain that I will inflict on you. Think of those you love that are my Shifters.” The Goddess’s voice was calm, barely above a whisper. “Now go back to the Human World.”

Crystal stretched her arms, palms flat over Jatred. Shimmering dust rained from her hands down to his fur. The pain in his body subsided, and calmness enveloped him.

He squeezed his eyes shut and forced himself to shift into his human form, before she let him return to the Human World.



Forged by Greed by A.O. Pert

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Two Seattle 16-year-olds, Jatred and Jasmira, are not your typical star-crossed lovers. They are not even your typical Shape Shifters. Sure, they try to live an ordinary life. At least, as ordinary as the Prince and the Princess of the rivaling ancient Races–the Winter wolves and the Summer leopards–can live. But eventually they learn that not much about their existence can be normal. Especially when the Races’ two commanding Goddesses are involved. One of the Goddesses is on a quest to tilt the scale of power to her side. The other will never let it happen, even if it means kicking Jatred and Jasmira’s love to the curb. Nothing is off limits, including removing Jatred’s memories of Jasmira. To complicate things even more, there are the Universe’s powers to consider. They are trapped in an ancient Amulet in order to protect the stability of the world. But the Universe has a mind of its own, and when the powers are unleashed, the forces of nature are disturbed; earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions shake the Earth. All Shifters of both Races are summoned by their respective Goddesses to fight in the name of, or against, the normalcy of the world.