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htftro cover Love is always hard to come by. Most especially when you’re trying to find that special someone. Often-times, we think we’ve found THE ONE and it turns out that we’re mistaken in more ways than one. There’s something about that person that draws you in off the bat. Something that makes you want to be with him or her for the rest of your life. For awhile, things are golden. You’re both living the high life and loving what you’ve got going between the two of you. Yet when troubled times occur, you soon realize that things really aren’t what you thought they’d be and you end up parting ways.

Most of us, when this sort of thing happens, tend to swear off of trying to find someone else in which to try to be happy with. Deep inside, we fear that things will never be the same. That perhaps someone new will never give us what the person we were once with gave us before. This, in turn, makes the task of dating seem so daunting.

In Charles A. Johnson’s book, How to Find the Right One & Make It Last!: Bring Love and Romance Back to Dating, he simplifies everything you’d like to know about love, romance, and dating in a clear concise way that will allow you to make better sense of what you might be missing out on or doing wrong when it comes to the dating game. Often-times, we assume we’re doing things correctly, when, in fact, it’s not that way at all.

In this unique guide, he shows us the do’s and dont’s when comes to dating someone new as well as how to improve your love life if you’re already with that special someone. He simplifies things to the point where anyone can understand the elements of romance and dating that can later lead to finding someone in which to spend the rest of your life with. From that first date, to poise and etiquette, dressing properly for each occasion, to the moment when you really begin in trying to get to know the person you’re now dating, you’ll be able to glean a better understanding of what love and the dating game is all about. This book is definitely worth picking up even if you’re already with that someone special within your own life as it’ll allow you to better improve your love life.



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We all want that special someone in our lives. But isn’t it odd that one of life’s most important lessons tends to receive the least amount of focus. It’s no wonder why we have so little success attracting the love, passion, romance and fun that we all need and desire.

The problem for many busy and successful people is that they do not know where to find and meet the right partners, how to approach dating, or what it takes to build and sustain a healthy, loving relationship. To address these issues, I have taken a unique approach and have written this book about real people, like you, who struggle with finding love and the right companionship. Many who have used my techniques have been able to find happy rewarding relationships.

This book provides real world experiences and proven dating strategies and techniques. It’s a guide that can be used to change your life and bring you the romance and love you’ve always wanted.



CJ PictureAbout The Author:

Surrounded by three sisters and eight female cousins, Charles Johnson had a significant female influence growing up. With the knowledge he gleaned from that experience, he spent the last 25 years coaching and mentoring hundreds of single professionals and up-and-coming, career-minded men and women – including his own four daughters.

He found himself providing guidance to help these otherwise successful individuals improve their personal confidence by updating their image, polishing their social skills and providing insight into the art of establishing and maintaining relationships. Charles has connected and helped hundreds of couples find marriage or committed partners and coaches them on how to make relationships last.

He has been married for more than 32 years and three of his four daughters are now married. Charles has found happiness and balance in his own life as well, pursuing his passions as an avid traveler, photography enthusiast, art collector and a supporter of various charitable causes. He enjoys basketball, football and tennis. His greatest passion is writing about hope and how people can achieve their dreams and still have a balanced and complete life.



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