wired cover Mary Elizabeth has a secret. One that she’s held on to for the past 20 years. When a serial killer infiltrates the city, she starts losing sight of who she is and the secrets that she’s held inside threaten to slip out. This also succeeds in alienating her husband, although she has no trouble in giving every ounce of her love to their little boy, Matthew.

Her husband, Charlie, has no idea as to what’s bothering his wife. He only knows that the recent murders have added to their troubles. He finds himself fretting over his wife’s cold manner and her outright indifference, something that he’s having trouble in accepting. This inadvertently throws him into the arms of a woman he’d never expected to have feelings for.

As the murders continue, Mary Elizabeth starts questioning her sanity. She denies vehemently that she knows nothing in regards to why they’re taking place. Yet deep inside, she also knows that’s not true. She does know, but she’s refused to deal with her traumatic past all this time.

As the danger escalates, she and her husband are thrown in different directions. This, of course, is because of her own doing, but she chalks it down to the fact that she needs more space in order to make sense of her dark thoughts and feelings. Little does she know, time is running short.

Driven to the edge of insanity, Mary Elizabeth takes things into her own hands. She wants only to make things right. To set the ghosts of her past to rest once and for all. Although she’s pushed herself, and husband, to the point of no return, she knows that there’s still hope. She, alone, has the power to make the killer go away. But only if she sets aside her doubts and insecurities. Only then will she able to see the light at the end of that dark tunnel.

While this book may seem to have a bit of a slow start, don’t let that fool you. It’s one of those diamonds in the rough. I enjoyed reading this story and discovering what happens between Mary Elizabeth and her husband. The story is both bittersweet and heart-felt. I think we can all relate to the situations in which the characters find themselves. Definitely worth reading!



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