Forced to get up in the middle of the night by the Inkolana Cartel, Clay isn’t sure what to expect. Given a task he’s not too sure about, he dives right in, praying he’ll be able to do exactly as they’ve asked of him. Things soon take an unexpected turn, however. Thrown into a world where nothing is as it seems, he’ll have to make quick work of those intent on unbalancing the system. Only then will he be able to claim what has been promised to him.

From the moment I began reading this book, I realized just how different this book is. It’s nothing like the usual LitRPG tropes found out there. Nope, Dungeon Bringer combines elements of what the real life is like in the story and merges it with RPG game mechanics. In doing so, Nick Harrow brings a titillating and erotic element to the world he’s created.

We’re given a man who must do everything possible to fix what’s gone wrong for the Cartel. Mind you, those who lead the Cartel haven’t told him anything specific about what he needs to do. Instead, this is a character is going in blind. So much so, that he isn’t quite sure if he can deliver on what needs to be done.

I confess that I enjoyed the book from start to finish. It’s different and quite promising. The game aspects are certainly unique. Looking forward to what’s coming next for this series.


Construct your dungeon. Summon your monster girls. Slaughter your foes.

When the Inkolana Cartel’s experimental computer network comes under attack, they give white-hat hacker Clay Knight two hours to fix the problem.

If he succeeds, he’ll be rich beyond his wildest dreams.

If he fails, he’s a dead man.

But when Clay hacks the hackers, he stumbles into an ancient ritual that summons him to the dusty, forgotten world of Soketra. In this strange new land, Clay finds dungeons, monsters, and a fierce pride of beautiful cat women who believe he is the reincarnation of the ancient Dungeon Lord Rathokhetra. With a band of bloodthirsty dungeon raiders on his doorstep, Clay must master his new abilities and gather guardians for his territory to save himself and his army of warrior women from a fate darker than death.




Nick Harrow is a former game designer who now spends his days telling stories about daring men, dangerous women, and devilish villains. He writes the kind of cool shit he’s always enjoyed, but which is getting harder and harder to find these days. If you dig the same things, he’s got a lot of good reads headed your way. And if you don’t like this kind of stuff, no harm, no foul. You do you, it’s all good.

These days Nick is working on a fun dungeon core series, Dungeon Bringer, but there are a bunch more fun tales headed down the pipeline. By the end of 2019, you should have at least three of his series to keep you busy, maybe more.

And, as a special bonus, Nick will send you a free chapter of a new book each week. You won’t be able to get this baby anywhere else, and you’ll be able to help shape its development. If that sounds kickass to you, head on over to