Lydia never imagined how much her life would change because of her unexpected accident. With her husband no longer with her, she’s made due with the cards Fate has dealt her. She’s made a home for herself and her children despite the fact that she’s now disabled. Determined to live life to the fullest, her world is soon turned topsy-turvy when her sister’s health and her baby are imperiled. Things soon take another unexpected turn when she meets the sexy and enigmatic Marco Mangini. The man incites her baser desires, drawing forth the woman that’s lain dormant within her for far too long.

A lovely start to this series, Disenchanted introduces us to the headstrong, and so very stubborn, Lydia. She’s a woman who’s had to contend with so much pain and heartache, she’s not sure which way is up or down. Despite everything she’s gone through, she’s determined in providing for her family. So much so, that she refuses to be acknowledged as someone’s own charity case.

I love the fact that LD has made her so lifelike. Lydia reminds me of my sister. She hates people handing her whatever she needs. She’s the type of person to do for herself no matter how difficult it may be. The character is quite relatable. So much so, we can feel, see, and experience everything she goes through with every turn of the page.

I do so hope that Lydia gets her happy ending someday. Granted, she’s had it tough, so she’s not the most trusting of persons. It’s nice to see the author has made her as real as possible. It’s not only her either, but the rest of the characters. Theirs is a world that closely mirrors the world we live in. What’s to come for these characters is hard to say. I can’t wait to dive into book 2 when the time comes to find out, however.


I had plans for myself, to have a successful career, to be independent, and have a good time. My philosophy as a young, silly girl was that I was here for a good time, not for a long time. I didn’t plan to have children, never planned to be married, and I certainly didn’t intend to be a widow before I reached the age of thirty. One day when I woke up, my reality was everything I’d never wanted.

After the accident that took my husband’s life, there wasn’t time to think of myself. I was a widow with three small children and had a mother recovering from a heart attack that had nearly killed her. My appearance, my health, and especially my happiness, were no longer considerations, until I met Marco Mangini. He made me long for things to be different, for me to be different. He made me feel alive…and terrified.




L. D. Davis grew up in a small town in New Jersey. She entertained her friends and teachers with her short stories and enormous imagination.

Mrs. Davis completed her first novella-length story at the age of twelve, or thirteen—she can’t remember exactly when because that was a million years ago. Over the years, she started, but didn’t finish, a multitude of stories, many of which she still has tucked away in a box in her closet, along with all the clothes she doesn’t fit anymore or are no longer in style but she cannot find the fortitude to toss away.

In 2011 L. D. read a series by Amanda Hocking, a self-published successful author, and for the first time believed she might be able to do this writing thing, like, for real. In April of 2012 she released her first full novel to the public with a crappy cover and her silly heart full of hope. Eight months later, after a cover change, Accidentally On Purpose reached the New York Times Best Seller’s list and almost all of L. D. Davis’s dreams had come true. All she needed was the sprawling home on a tropical island to complete the picture. Sadly, she is still waiting for a genie to grant her that final wish.