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DD BCWhen Brie O’Mara moved out of her parent’s house, she never imagined just how much her life would change. All she wanted was a little independence, as well as a chance at the college scholarship that was always denied her. In her mind, a place of her own was just what she needed to start sowing her seeds in the world around her. Yet never once did she give thought to what she’d end up doing with her life when the time came to truly live it.

Determined for further her independence, Brie decides that it’s in her best interest to get a roommate. This will keep her mother off of her back about the fact that she’ll be living alone. Not to mention that she’ll only have to answer to herself each and every day. It’s the perfect set up, and it will allow her to do as she pleases.

To her surprise, the candidate that shows up in hopes of becoming her roommate is not your ordinary roommate material. The girl obviously has money, and she’s used to getting her own way. Agreeing to testing waters between them, she soon latches onto to Brie, and demands little things of her own that will allow them to live in harmony. Against her better judgment, she goes along with Sarah’s plans, never giving thought to how things will truly be later on down the line.

As secrets about Sarah’s past surface, she soon realizes that she barely knows the girl at all. Granted, she’s tried to ask questions of her on occasion, but her roommate hasn’t been that forthcoming to begin with. When things start to change, and Sarah suggests she do things out of the norm, it becomes apparent that she’s hiding things she doesn’t want anyone to know. Caught up in a sordid game of cat and mouse, she does her best to come to terms with the situation at hand. There’s treachery afoot, and Brie will do everything possible to get to the bottom of things by any means necessary.

A suspenseful and mind-boggling read, Dead Dreams is a wonderfully orchestrated story that will definitely leave you wondering as what exactly happens next. Brie finds herself involved in a situation from which she may never get out of. She’s never been one to be involved in such deceits, but one wrong step soon changes everything. This is a great start to a promising series. I can’t wait to dive into book two when the time comes just to see if Brie eventually untangles herself from the predicament she now finds herself in.



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Eighteen-year-old Brie O’Mara has so much going for her: a loving family in the sidelines, an heiress for a roommate, and dreams that might just come true. Big dreams–of going to acting school, finishing college and making a name for herself. She is about to be the envy of everyone she knew. What more could she hope for? Except her dreams are about to lead her down the road to nightmares. Nightmares that could turn into a deadly reality.



ER PictureAbout The Author:

Emma Right is a happy wife and homeschool mother of five living in the Pacific West Coast. Besides running a busy home, and looking after too many pets, she also enjoys reading aloud to her children and often has her nose in a book.

Right was a copywriter for a major advertising agency during her B.C. years. B.C. meaning “Before Children,” which may as well have been in the B.C. era, as she always says.



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