From the moment he found out he was a dragon, Steven Drokharis never imagined how much his life would change. His empire has grown to the point that he’s not sure what to make it of. Beautiful women are at his beck and call, eager to spend as much time with him at every turn. Determined to make it back to the US, he’ll do everything possible to ensure his legacy won’t end in the blink of an eye. If he’s to succeed, he’ll need to unravel the secrets of his past, while doing everything possible to survive at every turn.

California Imperium is the first book I’ve ever read in this unique world Aaron Crash has created. I’ve been introduced into quite an interesting genre. Despite the fact that I came into this series through this book, it also acts as a standalone story. It doesn’t matter that it’s a part of a continuing series, since the author provides just enough back story while moving the story forward, opening your eyes and broadening your knowledge of the adversity Steven encounters on a daily basis.

We’re shown more of who Steven is, as well as the plight he deals with each and every day. This is a young man who won’t back down from what he believes in. He’s been thrown into so many unexpected scenarios that he’s not sure which way is up or down. Despite the adversity he encounters at every turn, he’s determined in setting all wrongs to right, a certainty that is shown the further you get through the book itself.

I found myself caught up in Aaron’s interesting storyline from start to finish. He’s given the dragon lore a different spin. One that captures the reader’s attention from the moment you start reading. I plan to catch up on what I’ve missed for this series. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next with Stephen and the rest of the characters he surrounds himself with each and every day.


They want it all, and they want it right now.

Steven Drokharis has built an empire that stretches across the United States and around the world. He seems unstoppable—a force of nature and a creature of wrath.

But now, he’ll have to deal with something deadlier than enemies … Dragonsoul allies. Exiled from America, and on the run, Steven and his escort of beautiful women will have to unravel the secrets of the past to save their future. Friends will become enemies, enemies friends, and century old feuds will bleed anew in this fifth exciting installment of the bestselling American Dragons series.

Disclaimer: California Imperium (American Dragons Book 5) is a shoot-em-up, action adventure, urban fantasy novel which is not intended for readers under the age of 18. This novel contains swearing, violence, and a harem of beautiful shapeshifting women that the hero regularly sleeps with—and he does so gladly.




Aaron Crash writes adrenaline-fueled odysseys into the extreme regions of speculative fiction. If you’re looking for cyborg vampires or jellyfish centaurs, you’ve come to the right place.

He is the co-author of the War God’s Mantle series (Shadow Alley Press) and other over-the-top sci-fi/fantasy novels. He’s been an Amazon All-Star and his books have broken into Amazon’s Top 100.

When he’s not wrestling the word dragons, he mountain bikes, kills pixels dead, and has been known to watch a movie or three. He lives in Colorado where he does devilish things.