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Awaking Tour Badge Although I’ve seen quite a few reviews knocking this book, saying that the action doesn’t really pick up till you’re almost at the very end of this book, I find that this story is quite fast paced and very much intriguing. I didn’t feel it lacking in action. I really didn’t. In all honesty, I think Madeline did a beautiful job in building all of the elements that she’s combined in her book.

Most readers for this book have been adults, so far, so we tend to read things from an adult perspective. We must remember that this book is written for Young Adults. The way they read is not the same as how we older folks do. What may seem lacking in some aspects to us may not be so to the younger generation. And for the record, I’m not saying that this book is lacking in anyway, I’m just giving my two cents about the different perceptions in the way most of us – young and old, read.

With that said, I must say that I found this story quite entertaining. It’s a different take on the paranormal world with a bit of fantasy and romance added in. I enjoyed reading about Morgan and her powers. Seeing Ris make a fool of herself, at times, was amusing, as well as meeting all the guys that were vying for Morgan’s attention.

We have Lucas, the barista, who seems to know what people like when they come into the Daily Grind for drinks. Then there’s Corbin, who seems to be interested in Morgan, while also trying to juggle the attentions of Ris and Lynna. Lastly, we have Kellen, a guy who’s quite the looker and very much a charmer. All three, whether they realize it or not, are drawn to Morgan because of the powers that she’s begun to awaken within each of them. Powers that grow stronger as each day goes by.

Morgan struggles to come to terms with the fact that she’s someone whom the Veneret have been expecting, as well as trying to control her growing powers. Memories of her mother seem to also follow her wherever she goes – memories of a woman she thought she once knew.

I confess that I never saw the kiss between Morgan and Corbin Sterling coming. I kept thinking that she and Lucas would get together. All in all, I enjoyed the story very much. I’m looking forward to the next installment of this very endearing story.


Awaking Book Cover Synopsis: Morgan Abbey’s life is about to change.

Just weeks before her senior year is set to begin, a mysterious stranger approaches Morgan with information that has far-reaching ramifications. First, the psychic ability she believes she has just been pretending to have since middle school might actually be real.

Second, her mother, who disappeared abruptly and completely almost a decade ago, might still be alive.

Morgan finds herself in the drawn into a centuries-old struggle involving a group of people who quietly coexist alongside the common people of the world. This shadowy group believes it is time for them to reclaim their former positions of power—and they believe Morgan is the key.

But when the time comes, will Morgan be able to do what it takes to reunite with her mother and fulfill her destiny?


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MF Picture Author Bio:

Madeline Freeman lives in the metro-Detroit area with her husband, her cats, her sister, and her sister’s cat. In her spare time, she reads, sews, rides her bike, and watches way too much TV on DVD.

She also loves anything to do with astronomy, outer space, plate tectonics, and dinosaurs. This is her first published novel.


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