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ARTZ Button For as long as he can remember, Kobi and his twin brother, Raili, have lived pretty normal lives. They’ve never questioned the world around them, and are content with the simple things their mother has accorded them. Kobi has done his best to protect his family whenever possible, taking great pains to make sure everything is as it should be. His life at the beach town in which they live is far from perfect, but it’s a life he wouldn’t give up for anything.

Drawn to the water around him, Kobi and his brother soon realize it’s the one place they feel safe. Deep inside, it’s as if they belong in the water, though neither of the boys can understand why. When Raili disappears during an outing one day, Kobi promises himself to bring his brother home in one piece. Things have started to change, and they’re not exactly for the better. Never-the-less, he can’t allow his brother to remain in the hands of something he doesn’t quite understand.

Setting out to discover the secrets behind the new world he now finds himself in, Kobi soon realizes that there’s a lot his mother has kept from him and his brother. The boys are the exiled Princes of Zire sent away for fear that their amassing powers might destroy the world itself. Deep inside, he has a hard time accepting his newfound knowledge. Why would his mother keep quiet about such things, he wonders? Yet he can no longer deny the claims of the people he’s now come to know as his own.

ARTZ BCDelving deeper into the world of Airion, Kobi immerses himself in the plight of the people. The Cellians must be taken care of before they take away that which he loves the most. To do so, he must find it within himself to use the powers growing within him. He knows he’ll do whatever is necessary to do what is asked of him, most especially if it means that he’ll be able to bring Raili home safe and sound. The question is, how can he do that when those he loves and trusts are not exactly what they seem to be?

A truly intriguing tale, J. S. Council takes us on a ride through a turbulent world where factions strive to survive amongst the strife building between them. We meet the young and unsuspecting Kobi who would do anything protect his family, his twin brother, Raili, who tries to his best to understand why he’s different, and their mother, Kimi, who’s done her best to preserve the secrets she’s held inside. Secrets that soon prove to try and tear her family apart.

This first book in this delightful series, Airion: Return To Zire, definitely won’t disappoint. I think the author has done a great job in crafting this wonderful world, infusing it with a mix of fantasy, paranormal, and a touch of science-fiction. The action throughout the book flows nicely, and you truly get caught up in Kobi’s plight as he tries to do what’s right. I look forward to seeing what comes next for Kobi and his family. This is a book that definitely warrants being read time and again.



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Aside from his outward appearance, Kobi is a normal thirteen-year-old boy. Living with his mother, his father, and his identical twin brother, Raili, with whom he spends most days at the cove watching dolphins and whales feed, he is happy with his life just the way it is. But his fourteenth birthday is coming and Kobi has no idea how much his life is about to change.

When Raili is pulled through a puddle in the floor of their second floor bedroom by a monster armed with poisonous, spiked tentacles, Kobi goes in after him. What he finds isn’t Raili, but a new world all together, buried beneath the ocean. With a bounty on his head that has been there since he and Raili’s birth, Kobi will have to learn to fight or die before he can be reunited with Raili again. Everything he knew to be true was a lie.

People he loved and trusted are not who they seem. He isn’t the normal boy he thought himself to be. A transformation is coming. Raili is gone. Blood is shed. Traitors lurk, waiting for their chance. War is inevitable. The fate of the world of Airion rests in his hands. The Wiseone speaks. Failure is certain.



JSC PictureAbout The Author:

Although I didn’t fully commit to making writing my life’s work until my sophomore year of college, I have always been a writer at heart. I was the only student in class to get excited about school papers, even asking to write a few for extra credit on occasion.

I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a degree in Creative Writing – Fiction. After graduating, I moved to Japan where I wrote most of my debut novel, Airion: Return to Zire and all of my second novel Airion: Light and Dawn – the first two of a four book series.

Japan was a peaceful place to just sit and write, but life in Japan was also filled with adventure. However much I loved it there, I had to return home to do what I love most. Write.



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