TSF BC 1. The Door In The Mountain

A large rocky mountain looms in the distance, its base surrounded by copses of trees. A bolt of lightning flickers across the bluish-purple sky and shoots toward the ground. My eyes widen as I watch it land inches from my feet. Electricity crackles through the air and dissipates seconds later. Thunder rumbles and the sky darkens further as the clouds prepare to unleash their heavy loads.

I rush forward to find shelter beneath a lumbering oak, watching the sky above me. Lightning continues to flicker all around me, the thunder growing louder. For a moment, I wonder as to what I’m doing here. This place is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Though it’s now dark, my eyes have adjusted and I’m able to see what’s around me. The wind whips the trees’ leaves about, plucking several off their branches. Rain drops seep through the canopy above me, several sliding down my forehead. I swipe the beads away, aware of the fact that there’s no sound at all around me. The silence thickens, though I’m not afraid of it.

“Griedea . . .” a voice whispers.

I turn around, facing the direction from which it came. Nothing but darkness stands before me.

“Who’s there?”

Silence descends upon me once more. Part of me says I should be afraid. That I should try to make my way home. But . . . where is home?

“Don’t be afraid!”

The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. My senses are now on high alert. I scan my surroundings, detesting the darkness that clings to the entire area.

“Where are you?” The person remains quiet. “Where am I?”

A burst of lightning lights up my surroundings. My heart begins to race as I catch sight of glowing yellow eyes in the distance. The light fades and darkness wraps itself around me once more.



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Sometimes, legends do come true.

The legend of Nomeias is one the people of Eden know well. The sanctuary is unlike any other. Immortality lies within its very gates, a bright beacon for those who seek to claim it. Many yearn to find its final resting place. Others seek to unlock the secrets of its past. Some, however, seek to exploit the virtues of its existence.

For Griedea Somanal, however, Nomeias holds the key to her own past. One she can’t remember. She often catches glimpses of what she can’t understand within her dreams, but she can never hold on to what she sees. Deep inside, she knows the hidden sanctuary is her only link to the family she’s never known. Unfortunately, she has no idea as to where Nomeias truly lies.

An unexpected accident soon forces her out of the city. To make matters worse, Griedea is no longer alone. A rugged warrior has been exiled alongside her. Hevelos Pontifcus is intent on making her life difficult, though he’s aware of the fact that she is his sole means of survival. If they’re to find Nomeias, once and for all, they’ll need to trust in each other every step of the way. The question is, will they be able to let go of their differences long enough to make it there in one piece?