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MOTS BC That night I drove home for the first time in ages not on the edge of insanity. With the dance just a week away and having a for sure date to it, I was finally able to look forward to something that was not of the supernatural world. I was getting use to Sam appearing whenever he wanted, offering support that came along with the knowledge he fed into my brain. With his support came positivity, helping me not to dwell on the negative side of becoming a Seer, but on all the good that could come out of it.

Also on the positive side, the demons had not shown their ugly mugs since that night in the parking lot, which also aided in me being positively charged.

I had told him about the angel at school, the beautiful girl in the white dress. In response he had said that she was Brenton’s angel, and her name was Sarah. Even knowing about the existence of celestial beings, I had been shocked to learn not that she was an angel, but that she was Brenton’s angel. Of course he had calmed me down and told me to just get use to seeing more and more angels—that’s just how it was being a Seer. In more simpler terms, he had told me to just deal with it.

When I got home I found a vase to put my beautiful sunflower in, placing it on the kitchen table. Finding my hidden bottle of scotch I decided that even though it was chilly outside I was going to hangout on my rooftop. I grabbed my blue and yellow quilt and climbed out of my window onto the roof, careful not to drop the bottle of amber fluid.

I was amazed to see how clear the sky looked. The moon was full and the stars decorated the sky with ornate beauty. Covering up with my quilt I took a long sip of scotch, letting the liquid warm my insides. I closed my eyes and breathed in the crisp clean air. My ears perked up when I heard the flutter of wings somewhere above me, a hint of lavender invading the air sharply.

Opening my eyes I wasn’t surprised to see Sam sitting next to me, his hands folded in his lap. A huge smile harbored his handsome face as he admired the stars.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” he murmured softly. “Looking up at God’s creations is such a blessing in itself.”

I gazed at him, the moon lighting up his pale face. I still could not believe he was my guardian angel. That night he was wearing a black shirt and black pants, causing him to blend into the night. He turned to me, his aqua blue eyes shining brightly.

“I’ve always like the moon,” I confessed, once again entranced by his totally raw resplendence.

He grinned. “I know. When you were little you’d always tell your parents you wanted to fly to the moon.”

I smiled as memories of my childhood flooded back. “Yeah, and they would tell me that if I worked really hard that I just might make it there.” Tears gathered in my eyes.

“Whatever my dreams were, no matter how stupid or immature, they always talked them up, fueling my imagination—like I could accomplish anything.”

He looked over at me dolefully.

“They loved you very much.”

My gaze turned back to the stars. “Tell me, Sam—why now?”


“Why show up now?” I asked, looking at him. “Why didn’t ya show up that night my parents died?”

He turned his gaze back to the sky.

“I was there with you but it was not time for you to meet me.” He gently held my hand, his warmth calming me more than the scotch. “It wasn’t time for you to learn the truth, to learn what you were created to be.”

“I think it would’ve been the perfect night,” I whispered, tears spilling over my eyelids and coating my cheeks. “Because if I’d found out everything that night, maybe I’d be a little more prepared today.”

He gently took me in his arms and embraced me. I wanted to pull away—I wanted to be angry at him with everything I held inside me! Instead I put my arms around him, his body warming me more than my quilt, his touch calming me more than the liquor I held in my hand. I closed my eyes and rested my head on his chest, his lavender smell wavering all around me. All of my senses gave into him, and I felt myself drifting off to sleep.

“Don’t fear the road ahead, because you won’t go it alone,” he said as I headed toward la-la land. Then he added in a whisper, “I am where you are.”




Clarity Miller always thought of her life as semi-normal.  She had friends that would do anything for her, a boyfriend that was madly in love with her, and a roof over her head that she shared with her aunt.

Everything seemed to be falling into place.  That is, until the day she met Sam.

When Sam informs her that he’s her guardian angel and that she has been given the gifts of a Seer, her life starts spiraling out of control. She want nothing to do with the spiritual realm.

All she wants is have a normal life as a teenager, but when a tragedy occurs that   causes the whole town of Garlandton to fall to its knees, she realizes that she has a very important decision to make.

Should she embrace the life of a Seer?  Only time will tell . . .



JK PictureAbout The Author:

Jenna Kay has always had a vivid imagination.  Blessed with three older brothers and two loving parents that encouraged her to follow her dreams; she decided to leave an 8 year career of being a cosmetologist to become a full time author.  Jenna felt that it was time to bring the supernatural to life.  Her novel, “Mark of the Seer” will be Jenna’s first with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing.

Jenna currently resides in North Georgia where, when not writing, she spends time with her three young children and her loving husband.  Jenna’s heart is to impact the lives of young adults that are going through the hardships of this life with a hope that there is way more out there than just the pains of the world.



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