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HSTC BCPrologue


The lovely new Ambassador Tatiana sat in the temple office. “I love my job,” she mused to herself.

Tatiana’s new job was simply delightful. She got to serve the HEART of the world and the HEART’s children. Tatiana was now the speaker for the HEART and their Mother, their God. The HEART gave them all they needed to be happy; she gave them life. The HEART gave her energy
freely to all who lived on this perfect little world. The energy healed and protected. Anyone could use the energy for help in their daily job; a person could use the HEART’s energy to travel anywhere, or talk to anyone anywhere.

The only part of her new appointment as Ambassador that Tatiana dreaded was to punish people who broke the rules of the communities. There had been times when Tatiana had gone to a gathering when she was younger and someone had been mind wiped by the negative energy. Tatiana felt so sad for those people. She knew that they were wrong to speak so blasphemously about the HEART. Tatiana shook her head, remembering the stupidity of someone who would say that a person had a heart in their body. No one could have the HEART in their body. Not only was this kind of thinking blasphemous, but it was illegal science as well.

However, this day the HEART saw fit to bring the joy of a new life into the world, a baby girl. Everyone in the community would rejoice with an extra special energy gathering because all life was precious, but this child was exceptional.

This new baby girl was born to NayLara and NayMichael and had been given the name of Donna. At the age of 18 she would be married to a boy who had been born only a few days ago and given the name of Devon. They would both be given the pre-name of Dra after they were married. It was Tatiana’s pleasure to implant the tiny grain of HEART stone in the babies’ wrists. They would learn to channel the HEART’s energy to use in their jobs, which would be a great service to the communities.

All things about this baby seemed to be normal, but one thing was not. Donna was born with curly copper colored hair. No one had seen a baby born with this kind of hair for hundreds of years. In fact it had been so long that no one could really remember the last person to have that copper colored hair. It was not just little Donna’s hair. Tatiana had a feeling that this child was special. She could feel it deep in her soul. Tatiana knew without a doubt that little Donna was going to do something great one day.

Tatiana wondered who it was that last had hair that color. She wondered what that person’s life was like. She felt sure that the HEART knew. Tatiana stood from her chair and decided to ask the HEART about it, because the HEART knew all.



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DraDonna is the first person in more than 500 years to be born with copper colored hair on a planet that thrives on perfection. The people on this immaculate little world worship ‘The HEART’ which is a female intelligence that utterly controls the lives and minds of all of her children by supplying them with and addictive energy force that her children can channel into their bodies and use in their daily lives.

The HEART loses control over her children when DraDonna begins to have forbidden dreams that lead this young woman and her devoted husband DraDevon to discover the truth about their world and the HEART’s dark secret.



LD PictureAbout The Author:

Linna Drehmel was born at the Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho in 1973 and grew up surrounded by military. Her father served for 22 years in the Air Force, her mother was a military police officer in the Marines, and her older brother served for 10 years in the Navy.

She draws inspiration from her family’s many years of proud service in the military. She has spent much of her life studying anthropology and has a particular fondness for archaeology.

She loves to find ways to intertwine anthropological and archaeological themes into her writing. She also has a strong understanding of what the reader likes, as she herself is an avid reader.



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