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“Goddess of the riverway
Oh come to me I pray
Goddess of love and beauty
Come into the light
Join me on this full moon night.”

Rowan twirled five times around an altar of flaming yellow and orange candles surrounded by seashells and shards of brightly colored mirrored glass. Her uninhibited nakedness made the dance an erotic offering.

“Light my path, show me the way
Of this my Goddess I pray.”

She poured bottled spring water into a silver chalice and drizzled honey into a matching bowl. Rowan licked a drop of honey off her finger and took a sip of the water to assure the Nigerian River Goddess that her gifts were not contaminated.

“Most beautiful one, my intentions are pure.”

HAH BCThe Corn Moon would be full by the witching hour. It was almost too perfect, a full moon on a Friday and the fifth and final day of her love spell. Oshun favored all things in fives.

“Come, Oshun, and join me.”

The beaded seashell chimes hanging above the window jostled in a symphony of clangs and dings. A gentle breeze swept through the room, heightening the seductive scent of cinnamon incense. The candles flickered. Their smoke billowing into the unmistakable curve of a feminine form before drifting off into the early morning sky.

To her running bathwater, Rowan added Grains of Paradise and yellow rose petals plucked from her backyard garden. The remaining petals went into a yellow bucket along with a combination of five essential oils, five ground powders, and five cinnamon sticks.

She kissed the autographed photo of her beloved and placed it back on the altar. On the first day of her spell she wrote his name and birthday on the back of the photo in orange ink. Dylan Dalton, October 31st. How appropriate her love had came into this world on Samhain, the most sacred of Pagan Holidays. Following the instructions from Oshun’s Water Shrine Love Spell, she had also included his mother’s name, Elizabeth Dalton.

Standing in the claw foot bathtub, she coated her breasts and inner thighs with honey. Next, she dumped the bucket over her head before settling down for the final soak to seal her spell.

“Tonight you shall be mine, as I have always been yours,” she said to the photo before reaching across the altar to grasp the most important candle cast in the shape of a penis.

This candle came anointed and blessed by Mamman Merci, straight from her exclusive French Quarter Voodoo Shop. Their combined spell strength made the red wax phallic symbol a magickal force to be reckoned with. She used the flame of an altar candle to ignite the wick of the phallic symbol with a fire kiss from Oshun.

Rowan held the silver blade of her athame over the flame before pressing the sharp tip into the pad of her finger. Blood spurted, trickling down to where a wedding band would someday rest. A spell is most potent when sealed with the blood of a witch, a virgin witch at that. She caressed the candle until the red wax glistened with the stain of her blood.

Desire BCFocusing on the dancing flame, she poured energy into the wax, making the candle throb with a magickal charge. The connection ran so deep she could feel his heart beating in her hands, his ardor rising with each rhythmic stroke. The heat felt so sweet, opening her up with his desire. Not even a kiss had she shared with any other, for he was the only one worthy of her affection.

“As this candle burns, so his heart burns with love for me.
As this wax melts, so his heart melts for me.
This spell is sealed, his heart belongs to me.”

She lowered the candle to the water just as the completed spell caused it to explode in a torrent of melting wax.

“As it is willed, so mote it shall be.”



Synopsis for Headlocks & Hexes:

A love spell turns lethal when Rowan falls for professional wrestler, Dylan Dalton. Once she’s immersed in his world of scripted violence, endless drama, and constant temptations of life on the road, Rowan learns the identity of her birth father. Chaos ensues when she finally meets the man responsible for raping her 15 year old birth mother.

Guided by the ghost of her grandmother, Rowan sets out to avenge her birth mother’s untimely death. The young witch is willing to do anything to eliminate anyone who dares to try to come between her and Dylan. Their whirlwind affair reveals several scandalous secrets that threaten to destroy the already-dysfunctional Dalton family.


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Synopsis for Desire:

It was love at first sight for Billy and Lizzie. Their only problem is Lizzie’s father, a pro wrestling legend and a feared bad ass fighter both inside and outside of the ring. Paul Bryson is not about to let his baby girl hook up with the kid he’s grooming to take his spot as the territories top star.

Especially since Billy was already on his way to stealing Paul’s place as the Carolina’s leading ladies man.


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JJ PictureAbout The Author:

Jezebel describes her genre as Witch Lit. She is a solo practitioner Wiccan and proudly answers to the title of witch and / or bitch. Her strongest magickal powers are the ability to cast candle spells and communicating with those who have passed with a spirit board or through her dreams.

When starting a new project she never knows where her characters might decide to take her. Sometimes it feels like she’s merely taking dictation from the voices running amok inside her head.

Witches and pro wrestlers might seem like a strange combination, but Jezebel has spent most of her adult life around the inner workings of the wrestling business. She’s been a fan, ring rat (groupie), ring girl, valet, live-in girlfriend and lover and confidant to some of the most creative minds in the wrestling industry.

When she’s not writing, Jezebel likes to get lost in a good book. She is owned by a 99.9 lb. spoiled rotten Golden Retriever / Great Pyrenees mix named Harry Potter.


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