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“The guy in the big red suit is Santa Claus,” Sara Jean informed them as one of the serving staff brought around cups of some frothy sweet crème for them to enjoy.

“We have heard of your Saint Nicolas. He travels with flying animals and visits all the children in a single night,” Pharos said as he took the drink offered him and made a face at the taste. Sara laughed aloud before covering her mouth and apologizing.

“An apology is not needed. Your laughter is every bit as sweet to our ears as the children’s below.” Azek’s words brought a bright flush to her face, making her even more luminously beautiful then before, something he thought impossible.

“How could one man possibly be so many places so quickly? It is illogical,” Turku said, sipping his own cup.

“It’s all just part of the magic; on Christmas all things are possible,” Sara Jean replied with a twinkle in her eyes.

As they stood to depart this area, the scene made Azek wonder what magic it would take to put the sexy woman in their bed.

“Perhaps you will show use more of your human traditions tomorrow evening, once I have completed my meetings with the commander?” Azek asked her, leaning forward to run his fingers across the bare skin of Sara Jean’s arm.

“We’ll all go to the Holograph deck around six tomorrow evening, then.” She swallowed hard but did not move away from his touch. “I thought I might show you a few different celebrations taking place around the station before we parted ways.”

“If you wish.” Azek licked his lower lip, thoughts of tasting her dancing in his head.

FBTM BCSara Jean’s heart pounded so loudly in her ears she felt certain everyone in the room could hear the rapid thumping. The intensity of Azek’s gaze coupled with the sensuality of his touch put her in a state of meltdown. His powerful omegas were looking at her with a mirror of the same intensity. At this rate, Sara thought she might need to stop somewhere on the way back to her quarters later this evening and wring out her undies. One thing was for certain: BOB, her battery-operated boyfriend, would be paying her a social visit tonight.

After a quick trip down two floors to deck three, Sara Jean led the group into yet another crowded common room. This one contained several large fans angled upward to create a steady wind current in which the room’s occupants flew numerous, colorful kites.

“This is all part of the Hindu Makara Sankranti, celebrating the movement of the sun during the winter solstice. Traditionally it was held around January 14th, but the federation felt it was in the best interest to combine all the various religious holidays into a single timeframe lasting about a week. I think they might have been worried about constant disruptions to the normal function of the stations,” Sara told her guests as they watched the vibrant kites dance above them.

“These are very beautiful,” Pharos said appreciatively as the group turned to depart. “Nearly as lovely as our hostess.”

A heated blush spread across Sara’s face and she stumbled a moment to respond. “Th-Thank You.”



Synopsis: Lt. Sara Jane Yeager, felt alone one the large space station on which she served as liaison officer. When three sexy Reignites arrive looking for more insight into the human traditions, she could never imagine how “interesting” things are about to get or that these three alien warriors might just have the answer to what this season is all about.

Coming to the space station to explore humanities take on various holiday observances, Lord Azek and his omega’s Turku and Pharos discover they have found the perfect holiday gift for themselves, a human mate. As they learn all the various means in which human kind pay homage to the season, can they seduce the lovely Lt. Yeager into their bed and into their lives? A bit of mistletoe might just have the answer.



JLO PictureAbout The Author:

JL Oiler grew up in the mountains of West Virginia where she still lives with her husband and children. She is a graduate of Fairmont State University in Fairmont West Virginia, and holds a Masters degree from Ball State University in Muncie Indiana. She always possessed a passion to create stories to entertain her friends and family, but life led her on a variety of paths before she found the opportunity to return to the dream of writing stories to share.

JL currently has stories with Rebel Ink Press and Silver Publishing. She enjoys the Erotic Paranormal genre, but has dabbled in other areas of romance as well. Her first release came in January of 2010, since that time she has had multiple individual releases as well as the opportunity to work on several anthologies. She can often be found chatting about upcoming events or releases on Facebook or Twitter.


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