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Tossing her hair over her shoulder, she noticed a man staring at her intently. She slipped off her glasses, thinking it would make her look more attractive. It might be him. A square set to his shoulders, short military-style haircut, and he appeared to be walking in a direct line to her. Could be. She flashed a smile, a calculated smile meant to dazzle with perfect orthodontic work and promise. He stopped suddenly as if hit in the solar plexus.


Turning slightly, she allowed one long leg to stretch out and make contact with the floor before speaking. Falling off the barstool might not make the best first impression. “Curt?” Dare she hope this toned male with the almost crew cut was her man.

“Ah, it is you.” Curt grinned, taking her hand and helping her alight from the barstool. Nodding in the direction of her glass, he asked, “Is that your drink?” At her agreement, he picked up the glass and led her to a table.

Deidre shot a quick glance back at the bartender who shrugged his shoulders. Probably meant no key lime pie for her. Oh well, she didn’t come for the pie.

Putting her drink on the booth table, Curt leaned over and gave her a brief hug and kiss on the hair. Wow. Surprised, Deidre plopped down on the vinyl seat, causing it to make an embarrassing hissing noise. “It’s the seat,” she explained, sorry she said anything once the words came out. Can we say sophisticated older woman image up in flames?

CIB BC“I know.” Curt acknowledged her remark, sliding in opposite her. A server showed up, handed them menus, and took Curt’s beer order.

The conversational ball was back to her. Argh. Her mind kept yelling “yummy,” but not a great way to start a conversation, or was it? “Curt, I couldn’t help noticing you are even cuter than your photo. Now why is it you like older women?”

His eyes lit up as he picked up Deidre’s hand and bestowed a kiss on it. “That’s one of the reasons I like older women, they cut to the chase, say what they mean.”

“Oh.” Did she do that? If she did, it wasn’t intentional.

The server brought Curt his beer and inquired if they’d like to order anything from the menu. The deal was you really needed to order food if you wanted to prolong your time together. Suddenly, she knew she wanted to extend her time. So far, she’d had more physical contact with Curt in the last four minutes than all her dates with Kevin combined, and she liked it. A lot.

The burgers sizzling behind the swinging doors tantalized her. A burger would be good. Besides, burgers did not embarrass her as sloppy foods like ribs or tricky foods like crab legs that tended to shoot across the table in the cracking. Curt followed her lead. What were they talking about again? Oh yeah, how well Curt filled out his clothes.

Curt took a drink and let his free hand cover hers on the table. “I also like the fact that older women know who they are. They aren’t constantly trying out new images like Lady Gaga.”

Deidre smiled at the idea of trying new images. She did that a long, long time ago. For a while, she thought dating would give her a chance to be someone new, but she found the stress of dating didn’t play well with being a completely new person. She could barely remember details about her date. Forget re-inventing herself.



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What if all your life consisted of was, work and therapy dates where middle-aged men talked about their fears in a family-style restaurant? Would it depress you? Maybe it would even make you long for something new, even, a little wild? It did Deidre. Call it an impulse move born of desperation, but she finally caved into Curt, a policeman who just returned to duty after being wounded in a sting operation, who wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Going out with a cop, fourteen years her junior was an irrational thing to do her friends helpfully pointed out. Meeting Curt for drinks was just the beginning. Deidre was unsure how to handle her recovering hero, and her growing affection for the young alpha male. The real question was would Deidre be able to overcome her doubts and peer pressure to live the life she always fantasized about having?



MKW PictureAbout The Author:

Morgan as a child had to suffer through movies with clueless heroines rescued by smart men. Her mother dutifully read her stories where princesses waited for princes to jumpstart their lives. There were no proactive female role models in the media at that time, with the exception of Wonder Woman. It is for this reason, and that it is fun, Morgan writes about strong women going after what they want, which is often a delectable cub. Those who wonder if the cougar tales have any reality to them should remember that writers often put themselves into every story they pen, even if it is a secondary character.



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