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A collection of over twenty intriguing paranormal and urban fantasy tales, DARK LIGHT explores the darker side of our world and exposes the things no one wants to speak about or admit. The stories in this anthology will make you think, make you shiver, and entertain you. Please step into our world of the darker side where little light shines through.



Dark Light Authors and Stories:

Andrew Katz – Headless Homecoming
Char Hardin – Empty The Bones
Jana Boskey – Whispers from the Darkness
L.D. Ricard – A Full Wolf Moon
Linna Drehmel – His First Snow
Amanda Browning – Dementria’s Task
William Greer -Blood and Soil
Linna Drehmel -The Darkon Prophecy
Alexia Purdy – The Faery Hunt
Bonnie Bernard – Breakdown
Dominique Goodall – Ouija’ust wanted to have fun
Rebecca Gober – Ghost Reapers
M.R. Murphy – Death Becomes Him
S.J. Thomas – Dark Fairy Reflection
Lisa Goldman – Spider Whisperer
Jenny Strand – The Kiss
John Hansen – Goddess of Death
Linna Drehmel – The Flaming Vengeance
Alicia Cannon – Honest Nightmare
Stefan Ellery – The Miller’s Daughter
Ruth Barrett – The Transformation
Naomi Bonthrone – Open Your Eyes And See
Dennis Sharpe – First Boy
K.R. Jordan – Alba
A.L. Kay – Awake
SJ Davis –The Last Picture Taken



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