books These last few days I’ve been working on cultivating the insane idea that’s taken over part of my mind in regards to my Tales Of Velosia series. While this series is not yet available, I’ve taken it upon myself to create a blog, a twitter, and a facebook page that centers around the world that I’ve been creating for it.

It’s been quite a daunting task, but I’m meeting it with gusto and so much excitement. In addition to sharing, and promoting the series as I go along, I’ve also been working on other projects, as well.

I’m promoting Closure to the fullest and sharing eARC’s of it with some in hopes of garnering more reviews. The eARC that I’ve been sharing is a PDF file of what I made for the printed version that includes several blank pages, so I’ll be setting about in creating a new version of the ebook and will offer a PDF of that instead soon for review copies.

I have also been working on a short story called Stuck which should be making its way into release within the next couple of weeks. The premise of that is about a mother’s love, her tears and her fears, and the will to survive set within a post-apocalyptic theme. I’ve shared the eARC for this story with several people, as well, to have some reviews lined up once the book is ready for release. If anyone is interested in receiving a copy of the eARC for review, feel free to email me via the contact email found on this site.

And then, of course, as you all know, I’m working on the science-fiction/fantasy novels for the Tales of Velosia series – The Prophecy and Tyale. (The latter of which I need to post up an excerpt of for you all to sample soon.) While both of these stories are not yet complete, I am, and will continue to, sharing bits of my work for the novels with all of you, as time goes by. I’ve painstakingly taken time to set things up for promoting this series little by little in hopes of building interest in it by the time the books are ready to be launched.

I also have the YA novel, Careless, in the works, but I must be honest and tell you that I am working on this one at my leisure. While quite a few of you are looking forward to its release, it will be some time before I get to do so. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning working on the novel. It just means its delayed for awhile till I’m able to truly work on it some more.

I thank each and every one of you for following me throughout this journey and I hope that you’ll all enjoy my works very much. I wish you all a wonderful day/evening/night. God bless and always the best to you all!