Within A Dark Abyss

My mind reels as I wonder,
how I’ve sunk so low.
Floundering within a dark abyss,
that threatens to claim me wherever I may to go.

Images of this life led flicker back and forth.
Reminding me of things better left unsaid.
Unable to shake off,
those thin tendrils of dread.

How did I get here?
What am I to do?
I’m afraid of this darkness,
that threatens to run me through.

Uncertainty follows at my heels,
as I take into account the seeds I have sown.
Wondering if I could have made better,
this life that I have known.

Yet like a fish out of water,
I flounder for the meaning.
Of the dreams that continue to surface,
while I’m either asleep or waking.

© June 28, 2011 L.E.M.